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What is the Social Care Staff Support Fund?

The Scottish Government established the Fund to ensure that social care workers do not experience financial hardship because of COVID-19. Employers of social care workers are asked to use the Fund to apply for additional funding to allow them to do this.

How long will the Social Care Staff Support Fund stay open?

The Fund will be open to the end of September 2022.

Does this Fund cover my Personal Assistants (PAs)?

Yes. If you use your ILF Scotland funding to employ a PA, and your PA can’t support you because they are sick due to a new outbreak of CoViD-19, you should still make sure they receive their usual pay.

How do I claim this funding?

For ILF Scotland recipients, in Scotland and Northern Ireland, you should use any unspent money in your ILF Scotland account to do this. If you do not have sufficient funds, please contact us to arrange additional funding to cover this.

My PA claimed statutory sick pay, was that the right thing to do?

Yes, but you can now top up that income to the normal wages they would have received prior to COVID-19.

What if my PA claimed Universal Credit as well as statutory sick pay?

ILF Scotland can cover any shortfall between the amount your PA claimed via SSP or Universal Credit and the amount they would have received if they had been at work as normal.

How do I work out the top up amount to be paid and do I need to take account of tax and national insurance?

If you use a payroll company then they will be able to advise you. If not, you can still seek advice from other organisations, such as GCIL or LCIL.

I paid my PA their full pay from my own income. Can I claim this back?

Yes, you can. If you do not have sufficient funds in your ILF Scotland account, please contact us so that we can arrange to reimburse you. You need to tell us the dates and the amounts involved.

If I had known I could have had help I would have paid this. Can I still apply now?

Yes, you can apply retrospectively. You need to work out the dates and the amounts involved. You can use any unspent ILF Scotland funding or ask us for additional funding.

Do I need to show ILF Scotland evidence of any extra payments I make?

Yes, you must keep additional records of how you have used any unspent monies or any additional payments from ILF Scotland to make these payments. This is important as our Assessors will ask to see these records at your next ILF Scotland review.

My PA was off sick but not related to COVID-19. Can I still claim this money?

No, the fund is intended to top up an employee’s earnings only if they were unable to work because of COVID-19.


View key documents on our publications page.
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