What if I go into hospital or residential care?

If you go into hospital or residential care, you or your award manager must inform us of this as soon as is reasonably practicable.



What if I change my care provider?

If you change care provider then please do let us know their name and address. You must also keep a record of the invoices they send you as part of managing your award. However, before changing provider, do check that they are registered with the Care Inspectorate as ILF Scotland cannot pay for any care provided by an agency that is not registered.

In addition, if you are looking for ILF Scotland to consider an increase in your award to cover the cost of care for another provider then please see the section on ‘Increases in Award’.


What do I do if any of my personal information changes?

If any of your personal information changes, such as your address or telephone number, then please let our Specialist Caseworker team know by phone or in writing.

If your bank details have changed then you will need to phone or write to our Specialist Caseworker team immediately to request a ‘Change of Bank Details’ form, which they will then send to you. When you receive this form fill it in straightaway and then return to our Specialist Caseworker team who will then process the form immediately for you.