Should I keep paying my personal contribution towards my ILF Scotland funded support during COVID-19?

If you have continued to receive the service then yes.

I shouldn’t have to pay my personal contribution if I haven’t received the full service, should I?

If you have paid your personal contribution towards services that you have not received during COVID-19, it may still be necessary to pay your personal contribution. Part of this may go towards the wages of your PA, or your provider’s employees and it will help ensure that these employees are still paid.

I can’t afford this right now as I am struggling financially, so how can I pay this?

If you have unspent ILF Scotland funds, you can use these to fund your personal contribution for services not received. If you don’t have any or not enough to cover the cost of this, you should contact ILF Scotland and we will consider making an additional payment to you.

I don’t want to pay for a service that I’m not receiving.

This is your decision, but if you decide to make your contribution you can do in the knowledge that you can access ILF Scotland funding to cover the cost of this.

I have continued to pay my provider my ILF Scotland award and my personal contribution but they haven’t always provided the service. Should I have done this?

There is no problem with you doing this. If you have made a personal contribution towards your support though for a period when this was not provided, then ILF Scotland funding can help towards this. If you have sufficient unspent monies, you can use this and if not, contact us and we should be able to help.

I haven’t paid my provider because I asked them not to come in. Do I need to pay them now?

We have continued to pay your ILF Scotland award so that you can continue to pay your provider, even for periods where your support was not provided. This is to ensure that employees can continue to be paid. If you paid a personal contribution and no support was provided, you can use any unspent ILF Scotland funding towards this or contact us if you need additional funding.

What is the Social Care Staff Support Fund?

The Fund is to ensure that social care workers do not experience financial hardship because of COVID-19. It is specifically for those social care workers who are/were sick or self-isolating and only receive(d) statutory sick pay, or an amount less than their expected income.

I paid my PA their full wages during COVID-19, even when they didn’t work for me so does this mean I don’t need to pay them anymore?

If you used your ILF Scotland award to pay your PA in full then you do not need to do anything.

I used part of my income to make sure my PA got their full wages. Can I claim that back?

If you made your personal contribution as part of your PA’s wages at a time when they did not work for you then we can help you with the cost of this. If you have unspent monies, you can use these to cover your personal contributions for that period. If you do not have enough, contact us and we should be able to help.

Why is the Social Care Staff Support fund being introduced?

The Scottish Government is asking Social Care employers to pay eligible staff, who meet the Support Fund criteria, their normal income, even if they were absent from work, if this was because of COVID-19. This is so they do not experience financial hardship through no fault of their own.

. For what period can I get additional help from ILF Scotland?

From the date the changes in support took place, as far back as March, providing this related to COVID-19 and to the end of September if required.

My PA was off sick but not related to COVID-19. Can I still claim this money?

No, the fund is intended to top up an employee’s earnings only if they were unable to work because of COVID-19.

My PA claimed statutory sick pay, was that the right thing to do?

Yes, but you can now top up that income to the normal wages they would have received prior to COVID-19.

What if my PA claimed Universal Credit as well as statutory sick pay?

ILF Scotland cannot cover the cost if already covered by statutory sick pay, universal credit, or other public funds but is can pay for any shortfall between the income received if the PA was absent from work due to COVID-19 and the amount they would have received if they had been at work as normal.

How do I work out the top up amount to be paid and do I need to take account of tax and national insurance?

If you use a payroll company then they will be able to advise you. If not, you can still seek advice from other organisations, such as SPAEN or GCIL or LCIL.

If I had known I could have had help I would have paid this. Can I still apply now?

Yes, you can apply retrospectively. You need to work out the dates and the amounts and be able to explain to ILF Scotland what you are claiming for.

Do I need to show ILF Scotland evidence of any extra payments I make?

It is really important that you keep records of the ILF Scotland award and how you have used this, as you would normally. You should keep additional records of how you have used any unspent monies or any additional payments from ILF Scotland. This is important as our Assessors will ask to see these records at your next ILF Scotland review.

I want to pay my PA their full wages but I have no extra income and no unspent ILF Scotland funds.

Please contact us to see if we can provide you with additional funding for a temporary period.

I have paid everything I need to and want to for my support but still have unspent monies left over. Should I hold on to these or return them to ILF Scotland?

If you have unspent monies that you are sure you do not need, after you have retained your contingency funding, then yes, please return these to ILF Scotland.