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Ryan Johnstone is a college student from Largs who has autism. Ryan  applied to the Transition Fund for funding to purchase a piano and for trombone lessons.

Previously, Ryan had difficulty expressing himself, but since receiving support from the Transition Fund, Ryan tells us he feels happier and more confident in himself.

Ryan now has ambitions to become a piano teacher and will soon be applying to pursue a higher education qualification in music. He has also been able to join his local brass band, Irvine and Dreghorne Brass Band where he plays the trombone.

“Having access to a piano is helping me to express myself. It’s also helping me to study an HNC in music and a diploma in piano. I would like to study a degree in music performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I’m also learning to play the trombone. Playing with my local brass band makes me feel more sociable – it gets me out of the house and I really enjoy it.”

Ryan lives with his siblings, his father and his step mum Vicky. Vicky says she has noticed a significant difference in Ryan since he received his new piano:

“Music is a language that speaks to everybody, and for Ryan, that’s his main method of communication with people. Since Ryan started getting back into music, he has become a totally different person and definitely more involved in life.”

Discussing the fund, Ryan told us he felt the Transition Fund provided important opportunities for young people living with disability in Scotland.

“I feel a lot more confident now. It’s important that people who have a disability get the same opportunities as people without a disability. Other people should apply for ILF funding too!”

Want to #TrySomethingNew like Ryan? You too could benefit from the Transition Fund! Simply fill out an application form to tell us about your goal and how the Transition Fund can help you.

 Apply online by emailing enquiries@ILF.scot with the subject heading ‘Online application request’ and we’ll send you a link.


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