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We would like to reassure all of our recipients that your wellbeing during these challenging times continues to be our first priority.


Our Policies

We understand that since March 2020, times have been incredibly difficult for our recipients, and we would like to reassure you that your wellbeing continues to be our priority. If the support you normally receive from your Personal Assistant or care provider is currently being affected by an ongoing or new outbreak of COVID-19 and you need additional support, you can use any unspent ILF Scotland funding to pay for this, or if you do not have sufficient funds, please contact us and we will try to help. If you have additional expenditure due to COVID-19, for example, paying for transport to COVID-19 vaccination or testing services then again, you can use any unspent ILF Scotland funding or contact us if you need to.


Review Visits

We normally visit our recipients once every two years, but we have been unable to do this because of COVID-19 restrictions. As the Scottish and Northern Ireland Governments are now lifting restrictions, we have started to resume review visits to recipients’ your homes in line with guidance. We will give priority to those where there is an urgent need to review support arrangements.

We will write to recipients with guidance about what to expect before, during and after our visit and we will prioritise your health to ensure that our visits are as safe as possible. If you have social work funded

support, we will advise your local department that we expect a representative to attend the visit and we will ask them to provide information about the support they provide you. We recognise that whilst restrictions are easing not everyone will be comfortable with having people visit their home for review visits. If we notify you of a planned review visit and have concerns about this, please let us know. We can still complete some reviews by video if necessary.

Social Care Staff Support Fund

The Scottish Government has extended the Social Care Staff Support Fund to the end of March 2022. This fund aims to make sure that social care workers do not experience financial hardship if they are absent from work because of COVID-19. You can find more information here.


Vaccination Self Registration – Scotland

All adults in Scotland should now have received their first COVID-19 vaccine appointment. If not please register at scot/vaccineregistration

Office Opening Hours

Our head office is currently staffed on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. with all staff working from home on a Tuesday and Friday.

We are still answering telephone calls and emails every day of the working week. If you get our voicemail, don’t worry, just leave your name and telephone number and we will call you back as quickly as we possibly can.


COVID-19 Testing for Personal Assistants (PAs)

The lateral flow testing kits have been distributed to local PPE hubs and can be accessed there. If you need advice on where to access your local PPE Hub then please phone the Contact Centre on 0300 303 3020.

Guidance and training on how to use and access the kits can be found on the Scottish Government’s website here.


Covid-19 £500 Thank You Payment for Personal Assistants

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on 30th November 2020 announced a one-off pro rata payment for Scotland’s lifesavers and caregivers on the frontline throughout the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Click here to find out eligibility and how to apply for the payment.


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