To further support our recipients in both Scotland and Northern Ireland we are applying our award policies more flexibly during this difficult time.

We will continue to pay all awards in full (less any recipient contribution) to allow you to use this to continue to pay your PAs and care providers. We will do this automatically unless you ask us not to.

If you have to self-isolate and you ask your PA or care provider not to provide support in your home, you can continue to pay them in full and ask them to support you in other ways, for example, to collect prescriptions, go  shopping, etc. .

Where your PA is self-isolating or shielding, or where your care provider is not able to provide a full service, due to an ongoing or new outbreak of COVID-19 you can still continue to use your ILF Scotland award to pay for the PA or provider. If your PA is self-employed, this will be subject to satisfactory evidence that they are registered as such with HMRC.

ILF Scotland can, on an exceptional bais, also agree to pay additional, reasonable, costs for replacement care or support for a temporary period if your PA or care provider cannot provide this because of an ongoing or new outbreak of COVID-19. If you have unspent monies, you can use this, otherwise please contact us.

ILF Scotland expects recipients to pay PAs at least the new Scottish Social Care Wage rate of £10.02 from 1 December 2021.

You may be able to employ a friend or family member to act as your PA on a temporary basis but you must get our agreement to do this and the person must be placed on payroll or registered with HMRC as self-employed. If the person you wish to act as your PA lives in the same house as you, we will consider this only if there is no other suitable alternative and this option must be discussed with one of our Assessors. These arrangements will be on a temporary basis only due to an ongoing or new outbreak of COVID-19, to replace the support that ILF Scotland currently pays for. You should make every effort to reinstate your previous support arrangements as soon as it is possible to do this and tell us when this happens.


Social Care Workers – financial hardship

Social care workers should not experience financial hardship because of COVID-19. We know that many of our recipients have continued to pay their personal assistants their full pay even if they were not able to support them. If, however, a PA is/was sick or self-isolating because of COVID-19 and only receive(d) statutory sick pay or an amount less than their expected income, you can top this up to their normal income using unspent monies or by contacting us to discuss additional funding to cover this cost for a temporary period.

The above policies are relevant to all recipients in Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Personal Protective Equipment

The Scottish Government has issued guidance and advice for PAs who need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). More information about this can be found here. PAs can also contact the NHS National Services Scotland Social Care PPE Support Centre on 0300 303 3020.