The quickest and easiest way to make an application to the Transition Fund is online. You can find the link to apply online here.

We have been receiving a very high volume of applications since the beginning of the year. As a result, we have withdrawn the ability to download an application and either complete and email this or print and complete by hand. This is still available by request currently, however there is a significant processing task involved in managing these non-online applications and we are not currently able to continue to freely offer this option and process all of the applications that we receive.

Our target timescale for processing applications is 12 weeks from when we receive your information. Currently, it is taking approximately 10 weeks for us to process applications. If you require an application to be processed for a specific time critical request, please ensure that you take this into account and apply in good time to allow for the application to be processed before the funding is required.

We can only process an application once we have all the information we need. Many applications are currently being submitted with incomplete information and this is extending the time it takes for us to process all applications due to the amount of follow up that is required to gain the required information.

It is really important when making an application that you upload the correct documents.

If you are in receipt of DLA or PIP, please up load your most recent update letter- these are usually sent out in the early part of the year each year, usually January to March and detail the new rates of benefit following the annual benefit uplift.

If you do not have DLA or PIP, then you need to supply a letter of support from a professional person that knows you well enough to tell us how your disability or impairment affects you on a day to day basis.

You do not need to have a definite diagnosis of your condition- it is much more important for us to know how your condition impacts your day to day life and what it makes it difficult for you to do. This information allows us to confirm that your condition meets the definition required to be considered a disability under the 2010 equalities act. Ideally the professional providing the letter should have known you for 12 months or more, but we understand that is not always possible. If this is an issue for you, please contact us to discuss your specific circumstances.

The sooner we receive your supporting documents the better, preferably with your application if possible. Please be assured that we consider every application and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. You can find out further information here.