The Transition Fund continues to remain open at this time and is accepting applications from young disabled people aged 16-25. We will operate as flexibly as we can within our policy framework during this challenging time.

However, we have seen an unprecedented increase in the number of applications submitted to the fund during the pandemic. As a result, the processing period for applications may extend beyond our 12 week processing window.

As you will appreciate, we are receiving a high level of calls and emails for updates on the progress of applications. While these are understandable, if you have received confirmation that we have received your application, then please be rest assured we are processing it and will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.

We awarded funding for a range of community activities and we realise that many of these are currently not available. If this is difficult for you, we are happy to extend the end of the grant period or if you would like to use your Transition funding in a different way to support you during this time, please speak to us to see if we can help by agreeing to this.

For any specific questions about the fund or any individual applications please email or phone 0300 200 2022. At the moment, our office opening hours are 9am – 2pm on Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays.