First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on 30th November 2020 announced a one-off pro rata payment for Scotland’s lifesavers and caregivers on the frontline throughout the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

A special and dedicated online application process has now been created specifically to ensure that over 10,000 Personal Assistants (PAs) across Scotland are included and receive the £500 thank-you payment from Scottish Government for everything they have done during the pandemic.



Independent Living Fund (ILF) Scotland funded PAs are eligible if they meet the following criteria:

  • They are working for an employer who receives funds from ILF Scotland to pay Personal Assistants.
  • They worked over a continuous 4-week period between 17 March 2020 and 30 November 2020; this is the qualifying period.

Those who work full-time or part-time, are subject to a permanent or temporary contract, or are subject to a zero hours or flexible employment contract are eligible.

As with other health and social care workers, PAs will receive a pro rata payment of up to £500, depending on the number of hours they work in an average week.


Application Process

ILF Scotland funded PAs should apply online for the payment through Scotland Excel who are administering the application process here.

Once the form is submitted and validated by Scotland Excel, ILF Scotland will make a payment directly to the applicant. The deadline for applications was Wednesday 25th August 2021 and PAs can no longer apply.


Northern Ireland

Health and Social Care Staff in Northern Ireland are to receive a £500 Special Recognition Payment. Personal Assistants employed through the use of Direct Payments or payments from the Independent Living Fund or Thalidomide Fund will be eligible for the payment. Payments to staff in the independent sector will be taken forward in two phases. The first phase will see payments made to eligible staff in care homes and domiciliary care providers. This phase is currently well underway. Further work is ongoing to finalise arrangements to deliver the payment in a second phase to the remaining categories of independent sector staff including Personal Assistants. The Department of Health will communicate details of phase two shortly and will provide an update of timeframes. You will be able to check this link for updates in information.