On the 15 November 2021, the Department of Health announced the extension of the booster vaccination to 40 – 49 year olds. If you are eligible, you can book a vaccination appointment at a participating pharmacy or wait for your GP to call you.

Community pharmacies will vaccinate non-Trust employed frontline health care staff, which includes your Personal Assistants. The NHS in Northern Ireland is also offering a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine to people with a severely weakened immune system. This third full vaccination is an extra ‘top-up’ dose to help increase the level of protection for people who may not have generated a full immune response to the first two doses, and who may therefore be less well protected than the wider population. Trusts or GPs are responsible for identifying and inviting people for their third primary dose. You will also need a booster dose to extend your protection. You can read more information here.

People eligible for the flu vaccine can access this in Northern Ireland through their GPs or participating Community Pharmacists. You can read more on the Flu and Covid vaccination plans page here.