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Getting Out and About - A NIN Report

Post Date: 26 September 2023

The ARC Scotland National Involvement Network (NIN) June meeting was about getting out and about.

During the meeting, members shared the wide range of things that they would like to get out and about to do, including: getting involved in sports; socialising; travel; pursuing and taking up new hobbies, activities and interest.

About the NIN

NIN is short for National Involvement Network. At the NIN we are working to make the Charter for Involvement a reality. We think everyone should have a voice and be heard. The Charter for Involvement sets out how people want to be involved in the support that they get, in the organisations that provide their services and in the wider community.

Background to the meeting in Glasgow

Getting out and about is a topic that NIN members have been talking about a lot in their local networks. In order to live independently and be involved in the community, people need to be able to move around freely. Some people need support to get out and about and transport needs to be accessible to all. We wanted to hear people's experiences of getting out and about.

The Report

This report shows what NIN members said at the NIN meeting in Glasgow on 29th June 2023.

This meeting was chaired by Lynnette Linton. There were 55 people at the meeting in total.

Read or download the Getting Out and About Report by the National Involvement Network (NIN).

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