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As part of ILF Scotland’s ethos and aim to work in co-production with our recipients, we have established a stakeholder group in Northern Ireland.

The purpose of this group is to support the improvement and development of ILF Scotland, for recipients living in Northern Ireland, by advising on all matters relating to the operation of the fund, including:

  1. Experiences of using the existing fund.
  2. Experiences of communicating and interacting with ILF Scotland.
  3. Insight and advice into potential policy developments relating to the existing fund.
  4. Content and accessibility of ILF Scotland publications.
  5. Any other relevant matters.

The Stakeholder Group reports to the ILF Scotland Senior Management Team, who in turn report learning and outcomes from the group to the Board and the Northern Ireland Government as required.

Please find the minutes from each of the meetings available to view below.

For any further information or questions regarding this group please contact

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