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Transition Fund Helps Budding Artist Hannah

Post Date: 22 February 2024

Talented young artist Hannah Evans is using a Transition Fund grant from ILF Scotland to create her latest solo exhibition.

More than 70 pieces of Hannah’s work will go on display at Cass Art in Glasgow city centre from this Saturday.

Hannah, who is visually impaired and neurodiverse, is a pupil of Cedarbank School in Livingston. At age 17, she is the youngest professional member of the Scottish Artists Union.

Her latest exhibition will feature her River series, prints of acrylic landscapes and other abstract work.

Hannah’s mum Carol said: “We could not do it to this scale without the Transition Fund grant.

“To go from an amateur exhibition to a more professional exhibition, we’ve already spent about £2,000, so having the support has made a huge difference.

“She’s going to have about 70 or 80 works of art in it and all framed up.

“I don’t know if we’ll get them all on the walls, but we’re going to try!”

Papa’s Mentorship

The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Hannah’s late papa, Andy McClintock, who mentored Hannah after recognising her talent for artistic expression.

Carol said: “My dad would let her be messy in the studio in ways that I could never have allowed her to be messy.

“He kept saying: ‘She’s the Lewis Capaldi of the art world! She’s a genius in art!’

“And I would be thinking it’s all just scribbles on a page. But it’s only through him promoting her that I began to get it and what he saw in her talent.”

Previous Exhibitions

This is Hannah’s fourth solo exhibition of work. She has previously had two exhibitions at the Ocean Terminal shopping centre in Leith, and one at the Chaplaincy of the University of Edinburgh.

Hannah’s debut solo exhibition in September 2022 came about after her work was featured in an art culture magazine called Bulb. The magazine’s editor Cathy Bell recommended Hannah’s art for an exhibition in the ‘Wee Museum of Memory’ space within Ocean Terminal, which is operated by The Living Memory Association charity.

Hannah also had five works selected for Paisley’s Big Art Show, which ran from August to November last year.

Hannah was recently awarded the West Lothian Schools Award for achievement in art. She doesn’t study art at school due to the constraints of the curriculum, but is developing her skills and growing body of work in her late papa’s garage studio with the support of her family.

Carol added: “Hannah is dyslexic, dysgraphic, dyscalculic, visually impaired and she has a visual processing disorder.

“She can’t really express herself, and then we suddenly discovered that she expresses herself through art.”

My Colour Expression

Hannah Evans ‘My Colour Expression’ is at Cass Art Glasgow, 63 – 67 Queen Street, Glasgow (0141 248 5899), from Saturday 24 February until Monday 4 March.

Hannah will be in the gallery on Saturday 24 February, Saturday 2 March and Sunday 3 March between 2pm and 4pm.

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