We are able to change ILF Scotland Policy 4, Available Income for recipients living in Scotland. This policy sets the amount of money you have to contribute to your ILF funded care and support. From 1st October 2018 the most anyone will have to contribute is £83.00.

For people who currently pay a contribution of more than £83.00

If your contribution is currently over £83.00 it will now go down to £83.00. Your overall level of award will remain unchanged, but your contribution will decrease and ILF Scotland’s will increase.

For people that pay a contribution of less than £83

If you currently pay a contribution of less than £83 your contribution will stay the same and will not change.

If you have any queries then you can find more information in our Questions and Answers section here or you can contact your Specialist Caseworker by phoning 0300 200 2022 or by emailing enquiries@ilf.scot.