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Joint COSLA and ILF Scotland Statement released

Post Date: 20 September 2016

We recognise that in order to successfully deliver our vision of independent living for our recipients, it is important that we continue to develop our collaborative working with COSLA.

Therefore, we are committed to a shared vision of independent living, contained in a joint statement with COSLA, which you can view below.

Joint COSLA / ILF Scotland Statement

  1. Local authorities have statutory responsibilities for the assessment and care management for those members of their communities who are assessed as needing social care or support; ILF Scotland's role is to provide funding for additional and complementary independent living-focused support to disabled people over and above the statutory duties of local authorities.
  2. COSLA and ILF Scotland recognise the added value that partnership and joined-up working delivers for the benefit of the 2,700 people who currently receive both statutory and additional entitlements.
  3. It is recognised that at this time public sector budgets are under severe strain so it is more important than ever before that local authorities and ILF Scotland maximise the value they can add in order to meet our shared ambition to support disabled people to live independent lives.
  4. We are committed to working in partnership and believe that close collaboration is essential during any formal process to review or reassess support arrangements for those mutual cases funded by both organisations.
  5. ILF Scotland is governed by a set of operational policies which have historically offered a degree of flexibility and discretion that is used to achieve the best possible outcomes for the recipients of the fund. Local authorities operate using locally agreed eligibility criteria and also have flexibility in the support they can provide to meet individuals' outcomes through Self-directed Support. It is important that these respective flexibilities continue to be used to full effect in order to maximise the benefit of the cumulative resources to all those receiving support.
  6. Whilst recognising the need for close dialogue and discussion in those cases where there is a dual funding arrangement COSLA members and ILF Scotland will continue to focus on fulfilling our discrete but complimentary responsibilities, ensuring that we maximise the positive impact of public funds on independent living outcomes for disabled people in Scotland.
  7. Key Principles to support this partnership approach:
  • As far as possible the needs and wishes of the person being supported will be kept at the centre of this process.
  • Early notification will be given of any reassessment of need and adjustment to the total level of funding provided by either the Council or ILF Scotland.
  • ILF Scotland and local authorities will apply maximum flexibility, as appropriate, with regard to funding decisions.
  • There is joint acknowledgement of the different governance requirements and operational policies associated with local authority and ILF support provision.
  • There is acknowledgment that local authorities have a statutory responsibility to use finite resources to support all individuals with eligible support needs through fair and flexible means.
  • There will be timeous communication ahead of any final decision around allocation or reallocation of resources being taken by either the local authority or ILF Scotland element.

COSLA ILF Scotland September 2016.

You can print off a PDF version of the statement here.

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