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Image gallery: Transition Fund Celebration

Post Date: 2 December 2022

ILF Scotland's Transition Fund marked its fifth anniversary with a special celebration at Glasgow Science Centre on Wednesday 30 November. Pictures from the event are shown below.

Photocall of Transition Fund event guests in front of gold 5 balloon and green and purple balloons.
Guests attending the ILF Scotland Transition Fund event at Glasgow Science Centre on 30 November. From left: Fund recipient Eireann McCauley; ILF Scotland Chief Executive Peter Scott OBE; ILF Scotland Chair Susan-Douglas Scott CBE; Minister for Public Health, Women’s Health and Sport, Maree Todd MSP; and Fund recipient Andrew Batchelor. Picture by Robert Perry.
Man wearing suit and tie standing in front of a podium.
ILF Scotland Chief Executive Peter Scott welcomed guests to the event.
Woman wearing red jacket, standing in front of a podium.
Minister for Public Health, Women’s Health and Sport, Maree Todd MSP announced news of the new Transition Fund Technology Grant.
The event attracted ILF Scotland recipients from around Scotland.
Young woman with long blonde hair standing in front of a podium. In the background is the ILF Scotland logo and the words "Transition Fund".
Transition Fund recipient Eireann McCauley was one of the guest speakers.

Young man referring to picture slides on a stage, watched by attendees. Beside him is a signer.
Attendees heard the moving story of recipient Douglas Fraser, who has been supported by the Transition Fund and his brother Kenneth to go hill walking.
Young man speaking at a podium.
Kenneth Fraser tells his family's story, being supported by the Transition Fund.
Woman speaking at a podium. Behind her is a large number 5.
ILF Scotland Chair Susan Douglas-Scott CBE was one of the guest speakers at the event.
People sitting listening to the event.
People listening to the event.
Woman listens to the event. Behind her out of focus and two other people.
Woman with glasses looks up at the stage.
Some of the attendees at the Science Centre event.
Woman laughing. Beside her is a boy with a baseball cap wearing an ILF Scotland sweatshirt.
Thanks to all the families who came along.
Young man and older man sitting at a table. Behind them is a woman and a man.
Transition Fund recipient Douglas Fraser. Read his story here.
Woman listens to the presentation. Behind her is another woman.
We hope everyone enjoyed the presentations on the night.
Young man clapping the presentation.
Transition Fund Young Ambassador Andrew Batchelor was one of the attendees.
Young man flanked by a man and a woman.
An opportunity for a shot in front of the stage.
Girl sitting beside a woman.
The event was a good opportunity for families to reflect on their journey with the Transition Fund.
Man and young woman on the stage.
ILF Scotland's Peter Scott with guest speaker Eireann McCauley.
Group of staff holding a #TrySomethingNew sign.
Staff from ILF Scotland were on hand to welcome people to the event.
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