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202302 - Scotland Advisory Group Minutes - February 2023

Type of document: Minutes of recipient/stakeholder groups
Front cover of the Scotland Advisory Group Minutes for Thursday 23 February 2023.

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Published: September 11, 2023

Note of Meeting
Independent Living Fund Scotland
ILF Scotland Advisory Group Meeting

Via Zoom
23 February 2023, 1-3pm


  • Jim Elder-Woodward
  • Chloe McKee
  • Gordon McKee

In Attendance

  • Julia Smith
  • Justina Oguguo

ILF Scotland Staff

  • Lee House
  • Catherine Symington
  • Harvey Tilley
  • Paul McPartlin
  • Sandra Robertson


  • Hugh John Clancey
  • Joan Turner
  • Christine Mercer
  • Nic Reid
  • Martha Shortreed
  • Robert White
  • Linda Scott
  • Emma O'Neill

List of Actions:

  1. Harvey/Peter to draft letter to Cabinet Secretary for Jim to sign regarding the re-opening of the 2015 fund. (Should contain detail on PAs and their hourly rates)
  2. Linda/Harvey to draft a proposal for the joint stakeholder event for Jim to view

Welcome and Introductions

Jim Elder-Woodward welcomed everyone to the meeting. Everyone agreed to Lee recording the meeting.

1. Minutes from previous meetings

Minutes agreed and signed off. Lee to pass to communications team to be uploaded.

Actions from previous meeting

  1. Peter and Linda to discuss writing to agencies about some of their practices of agreeing to contracts and issuing invoices for backdated increases with no prior notice to Recipients/Award Managers
  2. Lee to add preferred terminology to next agenda i.e. ‘disabled people’ v ‘people with disabilities’
  3. Lee to add an ongoing agenda item for the joint stakeholder event
  4. Lee to keep Planned Registration & Regulation of PAs on agenda for the next meeting
  5. Robert White to update at next meeting on revised SDS guidance with short presentation

2. Matters arising

No matters arising.

3. Letter to / from Kevin Stewart re Available Income Reduction

Jim asked the advisory group what they felt about the letter response from Kevin Stewart.

Joan and Gordon commented that the response is what they expected. The group then discussed sending a letter to the Cabinet Secretary on the possibility of re-opening of the 2015 fund. Action agreed.

4. Joint Stakeholder Meeting Update

Harvey advised the advisor group that this has been delayed until September/October time. Harvey advised the management team are preparing a brief for the sponsor team that outlines the event the impact it will have. Harvey also mentioned the delay has taken place due to current pressures on ILF Scotland staff and with the First Minister changes currently ongoing.

5. SDS Guidance Update (Robert)

Everyone agreed that due to Robert not being present this would be carried forward to the next meeting.

6. Preferred Terminology i.e. “Disabled People” v “People With Disabilities”

Everyone agreed this would be carried forward to the next meeting to allow Nic Reid who raised the agenda point to be present.

7. Social Care Wage Increase

Harvey updated the advisory group on the current process for backdating hourly rate for PAs/Self Employed to the recipients ILF Scotland funding packages. Harvey advised that agencies are harder to deal with and manage as they have been increasing hourly rates without letting the recipient or award manager know. The correct process is agencies should be writing to the recipient or award manager in advance to advise of any increases. Gordon added that after months of advertising for PAs he has only had two applications. He said it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit and retain PAs down to a lack of finance and that £10.10 was not enough to entice someone to work for them.

8. Planned Registration and Regulations of PAs

Everyone agreed to carry forward to the next meeting.

9. Policy Update

Harvey updated the advisory group that the at the moment the removal of Available Income contributions has been refused due to affordability. Harvey mentioned there is a wider discussion ongoing about care tax.

Re the maximum award that ILF Scotland can pay – this will be considered further by ILF SMT during financial year 2023/24.

10. Re-opening of the ILF Scotland 2015 Fund

Nothing to note as discussed earlier in the meeting. The case remains the same around funding and sustainability. The priorities remain for the Scottish Government around the cost of living crisis.

11. Charter for Involvement

Everyone agreed this would be carried forward to the next meeting to allow Linda/Emma to update.

12. Any Other Business


13. Next Meeting Arrangements

Lee to send out Doodle Poll. Meeting to be held on Zoom.

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