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20191029 - Board Meeting Minute - 29 October 2019

Type of document: Board Reporting
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Published: October 29, 2019


Independent Living Fund Scotland: Board Meeting

Dee, Room 10, the Hilton Glasgow, 1 William Street, Glasgow

Tuesday 29th October 2019 11:00am – 2:30pm


Susan Douglas-Scott CBE                     Chair, Board Director

Liz Humphreys                                      Vice Chair, Board Director

Alan Dickson                                         Board Director

Betty McAtear                                       Board Director

Étienne d’Aboville                                  Board Director

Anne-Marie Monaghan                          Board Director

Mark Adderley                                       Board Director (by telephone to 12:30pm)


Fiona O’Donnell                                    Board Director

In Attendance

Peter Scott                                           Chief Executive Officer

Harvey Tilley                                           Chief Operating Officer

Jim Maguire                                          Finance Director

Kim Dams                                             Inclusion Scotland

Paul Ingram                                          Sponsorship Team Leader

Aileen McNiven                                         Executive Business Manager (Secretariat)

Lorraine Denholm                                   HR & Business Support Officer

Sue McLintock                                       Carers Scotland (left Board meeting following presentation of Carer Positive – Level 1 - Award)

Welcome, declarations of interest and apologies

Susan Douglas-Scott (Susan) warmly welcomed all to the 16th ILF Scotland Board Meeting. Susan introduced the two new Board Directors, Étienne d’Aboville (Etienne) and Anne-Marie (Anne-Marie) Monaghan. Susan also welcomed Sue McLintock (Sue) from Carers Scotland.


As above

Declaration of Interest (DoI)

Étienne confirmed his submission of the Declaration of Interest form and requested the following informal DoI’s also be declared:

  • Scotland Against Care Tax
  • Scottish Independent Living Coalition (SILC)

Étienne also asked to note that as CEO of Glasgow Council of Inclusive Living (GCiL) there may be agenda items when he will declare an interest and will remove himself from the discussion and/or meeting.

The Board noted the Declaration of Interest register.

Chairs Introductory Remarks

Susan opened the meeting by providing an up to date summary of recent work completed, stating it has continued to be a busy year for ILF Scotland with the following noted:

  • Strategy Events: There have been 7 strategy events in Scotland and Northern Ireland (NI) coupled with the launch of the online survey which closed on the 20th October. An additional event in Scottish Borders is taking place on 31st October.  The engagement to date has been very positive and will form the basis of the new 2020 – 2023 strategy. 
  • The operational tempo has continued to increase significantly compared with 2018/19, the activity is already up 22% in the 2015 Fund and 65% in the Transition Fund compared with this time last year in like for like comparison.
  • ILF Scotland has been proudly recognised as a Top 30 Employer by Working Families, a finalist in the 2019 CIPR Pride Awards for Scotland, Finalist in two categories in the Working Mums Awards and also a finalist for the 2019 Causeway Scottish Irish Business Exchange Awards.  This external recognition is due to the hard work and professionalism of staff always going the extra mile to make a real positive impact for disabled people in Scotland and NI.

Susan sadly informed the Board of the death of one of ILF Scotland’s Assessors, Chrissie Plastock, who passed away recently whilst on holiday in Italy. Chrissie was a passionate and active advocate for disabled people and will be very sadly missed. Susan confirmed that ILF Scotland had passed on condolences on behalf of the Board. Chrissie’s funeral will take place on 1st November and many staff will be attending to pay their respects to a friend and colleague.

Susan reminded Board Directors to contact Holly Child (Communications Manager) if they intend to attend the Transition Fund event on 4th November 2019.

Carer Positive – Accreditation and Award: Sue McLintock (Sue)

Susan invited Sue to present the Carer Positive award on behalf of Carers Scotland.

The Carer Positive award aims to encourage employers to create a supportive working environment for carers in the workplace. ILF Scotland have reached the first level with a view to applying for Level 2 in the future.

1.   Minutes of Previous Meeting

The ILF Scotland Board approved the Board Minute of 25th June 2019 as an accurate account of the meeting.

2.   Matters Arising

Minute of 25 June 2019 – Action Point 1

Susan updated the Board that she has contacted Eleanor Mitchell, Director of Health & Social Care, to arrange a meeting and awaits a response.

ACTION 1: Paul Ingram (Paul) to take forward and request an update from the office of the Director of Health & Social Care.

3.   Audit Committee Report

(refer to papers)

Alan Dickson introduced the Audit Committee Report, commenting on key points from the Audit & Risk Committee held on the 22nd October 2019.

  • Minute (June 10 2019)

The Board noted the approved minute of June 10 - Audit & Risk Committee.

  • Minute (August 08 2019)

The Board noted the approved minute of August 08 – Audit & Risk Committee.

  • Risk Register  

Alan reassured the Board that the Risk Register is up to date and current, and has been reviewed in detail by the Audit and Risk Committee.  The Board noted the Risk Register.

  • Audit Update incl. Internal Audit Plan

Alan apprised the Board of the current Internal and External Auditor positions, confirming positive appointments of Henderson Loggie as Internal Auditor and the Audit Scotland appointment of Deloitte’s. Alan assured the Board that the Internal Audit Plan is proceeding well and there has been much activity since June 2019.

  • Management Accounts (to September 2019) ( refer to paper)

Jim Maguire briefly updated the Board on the Management Accounts to September 2019 with the following noted:

The Executive Team met with ILF Scotland Sponsor Team and NHS Health Finance on 24th October 2019.

Jim reported that should there be no change to policy the 2019/20 forecasted surplus of approximately £3m will be returned to NHS Health Finance. This included surplus of £2.2m from the 2015 Fund and £800k from the Transition Fund. The NI budget is on track.

At the half yearly reporting period the Administration Budget of £2.6m is on target. NHS Health Finance have approved the use of reserves to fund the Grant in Aid (GiA) Administration budget shortfall.

ACTION 2: Paul to send revised GiA letter to ILF Scotland.

Whilst there was potentially £100k available for capital spend, Jim advised the meeting (with the sponsor team) that realistically only £30k could be usefully spent on laptops in the restricted timescale this financial year. Wider capital needs would require detailed investigation and a thorough business case.

The Board welcomed the commitment of the extra funding and looked forward to the future plan for capital expenditure being submitted to the Board for approval. (For 2020/21)

Discussion ensued based on recent communications regarding the published (by SG) ILF Scotland budget which may be reduced. The Board raised significant concern thereafter agreeing Susan will raise this for discussion when she meets the Director of Health & Social Care.

ACTION 3: Susan to raise the possible reduction of the published ILF Scotland budget with the Director of Health & Social Care.

4.   Board Terms of Reference

(refer to paper)

Alan introduced the Terms of Reference (ToR) requesting the Board to approve the proposed changes. This is with regard to the approval and appointment of internal and external auditors following the change in status to an NDPB (Non-Departmental Public Body).

Following discussion the Board noted that charging details from Audit Scotland, with regard to the appointment of the external auditors, have yet to be received. Jim Maguire (Jim) confirmed this has been requested from Audit Scotland.

The Board noted the  nature of the rotational 5 year appointment of the external auditors was a positive change

The Board approved the proposed change to the Terms of Reference.

ACTION 4: Aileen to complete the proposed changes to the Terms of Reference.

5.   Remuneration Committee Report

 (refer to paper)

Betty McAtear (Betty) apprised the Board with the key points with regard to the Remuneration Committee Report.

  1. The Board noted the draft minute of 11th September 2019.
  2. Conclusion of a successful pension implementation was confirmed.
  3. Staff Survey 2018/19. Betty reported the staff survey to have been satisfactory with staff in general very positive about working within the organisation.
    Harvey Tilley (Harvey) explained that the staff survey was moving into a more scientific area with work around benchmarking, gender and disability pay gap with a view to making continuous improvements.
    Harvey reported on the follow up work from the staff survey, acting on the findings.
    • A work impact assessment had been completed. An uplift in work has been identified : +65% in the Transition Fund workspace  and +22% operational activity with 10% additional staff recruited to support findings
    • A corporate structure review is underway and will be reported back to the Board in February 2020.
    • Retention continues to be positive with a 2% attrition rate.

Mark acknowledged the positive results and hard work. He offered to work with the Executive team to help review Performance & Development, which was welcomed.

4. Awards: The Remuneration Committee felt that the awards should reassure the Board that the organisation was positively and actively ensuring the employee offering was good and continuously improving.

The Board acknowledged the hard work of the Communications Manager and the     Executive Business Manager whose work has supported the nominations for the      recent short listed awards referred to in the Chairs opening remarks.

The Board discussed the report and associated papers commenting that they were astonished at the workload, output and positivity of staff.

The Board noted the Remuneration Committee Report.

6.   Quarter 2 - Corporate Report
(refer to paper)

Harvey spoke to the paper, highlighting the following:

Transition Fund: A response is expected imminently to the submission to extend the age range of the Transition Fund. The proposal submitted extends the age range to 25 years old. Should this be approved it would be positively received across Scotland.

Further broader work, building on the original co-production workshops is underway by Jack Blaik (Sponsor Team) and Linda Scott (Linda), Head of Policy.  Potential options being considered are:

 - Transition – leaving the family home

 - Transition – following bereavement of carers

The Board noted this encouraging update.

Northern Ireland: The Permanent Secretary for Health, Richard Pengelly, has confirmed the Department of Health commitment to conduct exploratory work in preparation of the possible future to re-opening of the 2015 fund in NI. When the NI Administration re-opens it is planned that the NI Sponsor team and ILF Scotland will be in a position to submit a completed strategy to deliver the re-opening of the fund.

Intern Posts:  Recruitment is underway for a Communications Co-ordinator. This internship is supported by Inclusion Scotland for up to 26 weeks to allow a disabled person the opportunity to develop transferrable working skills for the future. This post will focus on co-ordinating a working group for the Transition Fund.

The Board noted the Quarterly Corporate Report.

7.   Strategy Update

      (refer to presentation)

Harvey introduced and presented the Strategy Update with the following highlighted:

  • To date, 7 strategy events have been held across Scotland and N.I. with a further 1 on the 31st October in the Borders with over 200 people attending across the events.
  • An online survey has captured the views of 66 people and closed on the 20th October.
  • The online survey and feedback from the events has been overwhelmingly mirrored reporting that

          -         people felt they had a voice

          -         ILF Scotland have talked about people – not the process

          -         ILF Scotland staff held with great regard

          -         people want the ‘2015 Fund’ re-opened

          -         Transition Fund – preference is there is no age limit

  • Harvey explained the new strategy document is planned to be submitted to the February 2020 Board meeting.

Anne-Marie Monaghan (Anne-Marie) added that she had attended a recent event in Edinburgh where Jamie MacDougall, Deputy Director of Health & Social Care had announced that SG are working closely with ILF Scotland and are considering a ‘top up scheme’. The Board welcomed this public acknowledgement of on-going work from Jamie, and look forward to further developments.

The Board noted the Strategy Update.

8.   Mediation Charter


Betty introduced the Mediation Charter. As a consequence of discussions and positive review during the Remuneration Committee and the Board Development Day on 11th September, the Board agreed to pursue becoming an early adopter of the Mediation Charter.

Mark Adderley (Mark) commented that mediation in the workplace was a great skill to have benefiting staff and recipients alike. Harvey added he would expect mediation as a core skill to form part of the new strategy.

The Board noted the Mediation Charter is in its draft format at present, however gave approval to proceed to a final draft prior to submission to the Board in due course.

9. MACC’s & PQQ’s

The Board noted that no MACC & PQQ’s had been received for the period 01 July 2019 -

30th September 2019.

10. Health & Safety Report & Annual Audit

      (refer to paper)

The Board noted with comfort the Health & Safety Report and Annual Audit.

11.     AOB

Atlantic Quay

Further to the change in venue for today’s Board Meeting, the Board discussed the matter raised.

Peter informed the Board that should attendees at any meetings (above ground floor in Scottish Government buildings) be wheelchair users,  then organisers require to ensure there are 3 ‘evacu-chair’ trained individuals per person, in the event of evacuation.

The Board unanimously felt this was unrealistic and was excluding wheelchair users from participating in meetings held in SG buildings.

Paul confirmed that he is currently investigating this, however no solutions have yet been presented.

ILF Scotland Board requested that this be resolved as a matter of principal, in partnership with Etienne and Anne-marie, to enable future meetings to be held in SG buildings as soon as possible.

The Board agreed Susan will write to Joe FitzPatrick, Minster for Health on behalf of the Board to raise the issue and seek a solution.

ACTION 5: Susan to write to Joe FitzPatrick, Minster for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing on behalf of the Board to raise the issue and seek a solution to wheelchair evacuation in Scottish Government buildings.

It was noted Board Directors have offered to attend training in evacuation using Evacu-Chairs.

Available Income: (AI) Charging Policy - Formal Proposal Submission

Following the recent amendment proposal submitted to Joe FitzPatrick (see Board Minute of 25 June 2019), PS updated the Board there has been no response yet, despite positive communications that the amendment had been received positively.

The Board discussed the recent meeting with NHS Health Finance. It was recognised there is an impasse where ILF Scotland have evidenced the affordability of the AI Policy amendment and NHS Health Finance do not believe the AI policy amendment is affordable under NHS Health Finance current financial circumstances.

The Board unanimously agreed to write to the Minister to request an update as soon as possible.

ACTION 6: Susan to write to the Minister to request an update to the Available Income amendment submission.


Important Board Dates:

Next: Audit & Risk Committee: 9:30am, Monday 20th January 2020. Venue to be confirmed

Next: Board Meeting: 11:00am, Tuesday 04th February 2020. Venue to be confirmed.

Next: Remuneration Committee: 11:00am, Monday 10th February 2020. Venue to be confirmed

Next: Board Development Day: 2:00pm, Monday 10th February 2020. Venue to be confirmed.

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