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FOI-20210702 - Communications Policies

Type of document: Freedom of Information
Front page of the Freedom of Information Request - FOI-020721 - Communications Policies

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Published: July 30, 2021

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Communications Policies


  1. Please send me all policy documents which inform/ govern/ guide the way your organisation handles media requests and the publication of information. Please include all such documents which mention the Scottish Government, ministers or Scottish Government departments.
  2. Please also send me any emails. minutes, memos and documents which update that policy or affect the way it is implemented which have been sent from the Scottish Government to your organisation or from your organisation to the Scottish Government since January 1 2020.


1. As part of our Information Governance Handbook for staff, we inform colleagues that all enquiries must go through the appropriate channels. Below is the exert from that handbook which refers to external communication:

“ILF Scotland has a small number of staff and a Board member who are required to speak to the public on behalf of the organisation. If you require to use your personal social media for business purposes, you must seek approval for such communication from the Communications Manager (or the Director for Policy, Engagement and Improvement) in the absence of the Communications Manager), who may impose certain requirements and restrictions with regard to your activities. Likewise, if you are contacted for comments about the organisation for publication anywhere, including in any social media outlet, direct the inquiry to the Communications Manager (or Senior Communications Officer in the absence of the Communications Manager) and do not respond without written approval. The ILF Scotland Crisis Communications Plan and procedure can be found here.”

The ILF Scotland Crisis Communication Plan is sent as an email attachment as part of this fulfilment correspondence. Please note that we have a Guide to Information which is published as part our Freedom of Information section on our website. We intend to include a publication scheme on our website in the coming months but do not currently have a publication scheme available.

2. We do not hold any such information.

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