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FOI-20220524 - Press and Media

Type of document: Freedom of Information
Front page of the Freedom of Information Request FOI-240522 - Press and Media

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Published: May 24, 2022

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Press and Media


I am requesting the following information via email:

1.  What information is held on the political affiliation of board members and senior staff within your organisation?

2.  The current annual cost of press and media for your organisation, and the total number of personnel employed to handle press and media for your organisation.

3.  What guidelines have been issued to your organisation by the Scottish Government on press releases and media?


1.  ILF Scotland hold no such information.

2.  The cost of press and media from 1st April 2021- 1st July 2022 was: £31,627.50.  The number of personnel employed to handle press and media: 2.

3.  Please refer to attachments 001 and 002.

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