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FOI-20221010 - Pay Review / Settlement

Type of document: Freedom of Information
Front page of the Freedom of Information Request FOI-101022 - Pay Review / Settlement

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Published: October 10, 2022

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Pay Review/Settlement


1.  Please state the effective date (day and month) of your organisation’s 2022 pay review.

2.  If the 2022 pay review has yet to be finalised please state the month in which you anticipate it will be concluded.

3.  Please state the employee group/s covered by the 2022 pay review.

4.  Please state the total number of employees covered by the 2022 pay review.

5.  Please provide a copy of your 2022 pay agreement (if applicable) or generic pay circular sent to employees (that is one that does not identify any individual employee) outlining the outcome of the latest pay review if there are no collective negotiations.


1.  01/04/2022

2.  November.  ILF Scotland is aligned with the Scottish Government and is subject to Scottish Government timeframes.

3.  The whole workforce

4.  65

5.  This is the same as the Scottish Government’s Pay Agreement

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