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FOI-20220727 - Due Diligence

Type of document: Freedom of Information
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Published: August 22, 2022

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Due Diligence


1.  Please give me a list of human rights due diligence checks your organisation has conducted since the publication of the Scottish Government document, Guidance on due diligence: human rights, detailing in each case whether or not you proceeded with an investment relationship or business agreement following the undertaking of these checks.

2.  Please also detail any instances of non-compliance with the guidance that have been reported. If unable to provide such a list, please confirm for me whether your organisation was previously aware of or has ever given consideration to this guidance, including whether you are aware of having been notified of it by a representative of the Scottish Government or other public body.

3.  Please also tell me how many investment relationships or agreements your organisation has engaged in since June 2018. This request relates to the types of relationship outlined in the aforementioned guidance as meriting a due diligence check: “any activity which could lead to an investment relationship or agreement with a third party” (source: Guidance on due diligence: human rights - (


1.  ILF Scotland’s contracts are carried out via tender exercises using the Public Contracts Scotland platform. This platform asks contractors to detail their processes in relation to human trafficking. 

ILF Scotland also carry out our own due diligence where we assess if the supplier is able to carry out what we need (i.e. not using slave labour etc.), also looking at their financial resources.  This is all done at the scoring stage on tenders. 

ILF Scotland follows Scottish Government policy on all procurement policies and processes.

2.  There have been no reported instances of non-compliance with this guidance. ILF Scotland is, however, of it and has received notification of it by a representative of the Scottish Government.

3.  ILF Scotland have no investment relationships or agreements in place.

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