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FOI-20210329 - Remuneration of Board Members

Type of document: Freedom of Information
Front page of the Freedom of Information Request FOI-290321 - Remuneration of Board Members

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Published: April 26, 2021

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Remuneration of Board Members


I am writing to you to request details of the remuneration of your board members. I am looking for figures on:

a) The number of days of paid work claimed by each individual member of your board members from Jan to Dec 2020. (Please break this figure down so it show the totals for each member.)

b) The total paid to each board member from Jan to Dec 2020.


a)  Number of days claimed:
Mark Adderley – 10
Alan Dickson – 15
Susan Douglas-Scott – 24
Elizabeth Humphries – 33
Elizabeth McAtear – 8
Anne Marie Monaghan – 12

b)  Total amount paid:
Mark Adderley – £1749
Alan Dickson – £2621
Susan Douglas-Scott – £5182
Elizabeth Humphries – £5903
Elizabeth McAtear – £1394
Anne Marie Monaghan – £2126

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