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ILF Scotland Transition Fund Price Guide

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Published: September 14, 2022

ILF Scotland Transition Fund Price Guide

effective from 14 September 2022

There are a number of items / services that are commonly requested where the average cost usually lies within certain price ranges – these are listed below.

Funding within these ranges allows for the purchase of good quality, normally mid-range items and services, that allow the applicant to achieve their desired goals and this approach enables us to assist as many young people as possible in a fair and consistent way.

To make it easier to apply, if the cost is within the price guide, or close to it, we just need to know how much is needed and no longer need people to submit a quote.

We hope that this pricing guide is useful to applicants and reduces the number of quotations we ask for, which should help us to process some applications more quickly.

It is, however, only a guide and should not limit a young person’s ambition or creativity in terms of the goal they want to achieve so you can apply for things that do not feature in this guide but you must submit a quote with your application.  

You can also apply for things in this guide but at a higher cost but again, you must  include a quote and, in addition, explain why you need these particular items / services to meet your goals. Circumstances will vary for different applicants and ILF Scotland will assess these applications on a case by case basis. Any item that is related to dealing with the difficulties caused by your disability can be considered in addition to the more general items listed above. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Item and Typical Funding Award

Mobile Phone Handset (sim free): £500-£600

Computer / Tablet - General Use: £700-£800

Computer / Tablet - Graphics or Gaming use: £1000-£1250

Computer / Tablet Accessories: £200-£300

Headphones: £50-£80

Camera (DSLR or video): £500-£600

Camera Accessories: £150-£200

Gym membership (annual): £400-£500

Specialised clothing related to funded activity: £250

Personal Trainer Sessions: £30-£40 per hour

Sports equipment (small items, balls, rackets etc): £250

Sports equipment (larger items, golf clubs etc): £500-£700

Camping Equipment: £250-£300

Kayak / Canoe / Paddleboard: £300-£400

Musical Instruments: £500-£750

Recording Equipment/Software: £400-£500

Personal Protective Equipment (related to outcome): £250

Bicycle / Tricycle (pedal): £500-£600

Bicycle/Tricycle (electric/ adapted for disability): £1000-£1500

Books (related to a course of further / higher education): £300-£500

Art / Craft Materials: £250-£350

Art / Music / Drama Lessons: £35-£45 per hour

Driving Lessons (Standard non rural, manual and automatic): £35-£50 per hour

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