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Northern Ireland Social Impact Card 2019-2020

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Published: June 27, 2023

Our journey

ILF Scotland is a public body, governed by a Board of Directors, appointed by and accountable to Scottish Ministers. ILF Scotland operates as a discretionary fund providing financial awards to over 4,000 disabled people in Scotland and Northern Ireland to help them live independently. Our funding enables individuals to pay for care so that they can be supported in their homes and within their local communities.

What we do

We aim to ensure our recipients have choice and control over how and when they are supported in all aspects of their daily lives, as well as facilitating real participation and inclusion for individuals within their local communities.
We provide financial support to 435 disabled people in Northern Ireland.

Our Positive Impact

Emotional Wellbeing
Difference made:

  • Reduced isolation
  • Feeling safe
  • Optimism & motivation
  • Choice and control

Sustaining Support
Difference made:

  • Informal carers
  • Relationships

Difference made:

  • Learning to be independent
  • Sustaining natural support
  • Early intervention

Health Maintenance
Difference made:

  • Medical health
  • Appointments
  • Exercise & being active

'Getting on with life'
Difference made:

  • Employment & education
  • Future planning

435 People receive the Independent Living Fund in Northern Ireland

£6.85m Total funding for 2019/20 financial year

The social value generated by ILF for a range of stakeholders demonstrates extended impact & value for money


  • Recipients
  • Family & Primary Carers
  • Health & Social Care Trusts
  • Personal Assistants
  • Northern Ireland economy
  • Norther Ireland Civic society
  • Centre for Independent Living NI
  • Domiciliary / social care service providers

Stakeholder percentage share

  • 77% ILF Recipients
  • 20% Health & Social Care Trusts
  • 2% Personal Assistants
  • 0.9% Family & Carers
  • 0.1% Northern Ireland Civic Society

Personal Assistants Reported

100 - Being better off financially as a result of their improved conditions
300 - Better access to quality training opportunities
150 - Reduced stress levels as a result of a supportive working environment

For every £1 invested in the Independent Living Fund we generated £10.89 in social value

Recipients reported

  • 85% - Improved emotional health
  • 85% - Reduced isolation
  • 90% - They felt safer, had more individual choice & control and are more active
  • 80% - Increased engagement with local community & enhanced contribution to society

Other numbers reported

  • 220 - People enabled to live at home
  • 400 - People benefitting from early intervention

The full report is available at:

What people say about us

I would be socially isolated and lonely without ILF support…

I don’t want to live in an institution. ILF means I can live in my own home…

ILF lets me plan ahead and set goals…

I’ve had to be in bed for the past nine months but ILF has meant I’m still here in my home and connected to the outside, to my family and friends…

The fund kept our marriage together for longer so we were there for him… We know we have the fund for our son and can make plans now and for his future…

ILF Scotland worked in partnership with Centre for Independent Living NI on this project

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