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Policy 4 - Recipient Contribution

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Published: April 12, 2024

Version: 7
Last Amended: 1 October 2022
Next Review: 1 October 2023

1.     Background

ILF Scotland assumes recipients will make a contribution towards their ILF funded support.

This policy does not apply to new recipients of the Fund applying after 1 April 2024.

2.     Policy

Effective from 1 June 2021 in Scotland and from 1 October 2022 in Northern Ireland, the maximum contribution from any ILF Scotland recipient is limited to the value of £43.00 weekly.

ILF Scotland will maintain that lower value and will cap all contributions properly made at 1 June 2021 / 1 October 2022 at that level with no further increase in any assumed contribution.

All earlier versions of Policy 4 are archived for reference, in the event of any required recalculation of a contribution, ILF Scotland can at its discretion, reduce a contribution to a level it feels appropriate if a recipient would have been better off under a previous version of this or related policies.

ILF Scotland will wholly disregard any partner or spouse income.

Where a Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) or Trust (HSCT) decreases its charge, from 1 June 2021 / 1 October 2022, ILF Scotland will take no account of that decrease.

3     Policy Qualifications

ILF Scotland has the discretion to waive, in part or in full, any assumed   contribution in circumstances of hardship, which might include: 

  • Terminal illness (full waiver will apply)
  • Disability related costs
  • Costs related to the care of children
  • Any overlap with HSCP / HSCT charging to the recipient’s detriment

Protections given by ILF UK to certain Group 1 (former Extension Fund) recipients are preserved indefinitely, on the basis and level given at 1 July 2015.

4     Payment of ILF Award

ILF Scotland bases its award on its assessment of the support a recipient requires. ILF Scotland will establish the award, deduct any assumed contribution as outlined in section 2 of this policy, and having considered any implications of section 3, will make this net award to recipients.

5     Procedural Considerations

ILF Scotland will deduct the assumed contribution from the weekly cost of support or the weekly cost of a retainer. Examples:

  • If someone is paid on receipt of invoice rather than automatically, the contribution will be deducted from the invoice total.
  • Where a retainer is paid for part of the usual support for the PA element but not the agency element, ILF Scotland will deduct the contribution from the gross retainer amount.
  • If a recipient requires a replacement award for a limited or ongoing period, ILF Scotland will always deduct the contribution.

6     Unspent Monies / Overpayments

ILF Scotland will base its calculation of unspent monies or any overpayment on the net amount it paid and will not take into account the recipient’s contribution.

7     History Review

1 October 2018
1 October 2019
1 June 2021
30 June 2022
1 April 2024

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