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Policy 9 - Changes to Local Authority Charges (Northern Ireland)

Type of document: Archived policies

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Published: July 1, 2015

Version: 2
Last Amended: 1 July 2015
Next Review: 31 March 2021

1.0    Background

1.1    ILF Scotland must set out in its calculation of its award, how it treats charges made by a Health & Social Care Trust (HSCT) for the social care support and services it provides.

1.2    ILF recipients are expected to make a contribution towards the cost of ILF Scotland funded care / support. ILF Scotland will reduce the amount of that contribution by the amount of any charges paid to the recipient’s HSCT for social care charges it provides.

2.0    Policy

2.1    ILF Scotland will not take into account any increases in HSCT charges for social care support or services.

2.2    ILF Scotland will treat any charge made by an HSCT for additional or new services as an increased charge.

2.3    Award Managers must notify ILF Scotland of any increase in an HSCT charge because this may affect a person’s eligibility for an award. If the increased charge means that the HSCT’s net input falls below the ‘Threshold Sum’, the recipient would cease to be eligible. It is therefore important for ILF Scotland and HSCT staff to be aware of this.

2.4    If ILF Scotland is notified of an increased charge, this will not, on its own, trigger a reassessment of the award.

2.5    Where an ILF recipient moves to a new HSCT and the charge assessed by the new HSCT is higher than the charge of the previous HSCT, on a reassessment of the award, ILF Scotland will take into account the full amount of the new in the award calculation. This change is not covered by the terms of the Increases in ILF Awards Policy. Any subsequent increase in the charge by the new HSCT is, however, covered and should be disregarded in any award calculation.

2.6    If the HSCT charge decreases, ILF will reassess the award.

3.0    Cross References

Available Income Policy

4.0   History Date Reviewed

Version 1: 1 July 2015

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