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2022 - Scotland Advisory Group Actions - May, August and December 2022 (Easy Read)

Type of document: Minutes of recipient/stakeholder groups
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Published: April 9, 2024
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Scottish Recipient Advisory Group Meeting

Action Points from May, August and December 2022 Meetings

May 22 Meeting Actions

1. Lee will send out electronic forms to the group to check and make any comments on.

2. Lee to add registration and regulation of personal assistants to the next meeting agenda.

A black lady in a suit and glasses points at a sign that reads 1 2 3.

3. Lee to put Terms of Reference higher up on the next agenda.

August 2022 meeting actions

Papers with the word contract at the top and a picture of a handshake. A hand with a pen signs the document.

1.Peter and Linda to talk about agencies agreeing to contracts before the person who gets ILF money has been told.

A group of people including one holding a cane, one in a wheelchair and one with a helmet giving the thumbs up. The lady in the middle wears red.

2. Lee to change the wording in future documents, from ‘people with disabilities’ to ‘disabled people’.

3. Lee to add an agenda item to the next meeting agendas.

The agenda item will be about the joint stakeholder event.

4. Lee to keep ‘Planned registration and regulation of personal assistants’ on the agenda for the next meeting.

December 2022 Meeting Actions

A man with a maroon rasta cap / tam on his head. He wear a suit and is about to sign something on the desk in front of him.

1.The Advisory Group have asked that Jim send a further letter to the Minister Kevin Stewart about his decision not to reduce the Available Income contributions.

2. Linda and Lee will send out an email to ask who would like to be part of a working group to discuss and organise the Joint Stakeholder Groups meeting in Scotland.

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