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Strategic Plan - 2016-20 (Easy Read)

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Published: July 1, 2020

Independent Living Fund Scotland

The Plan for Our Organisation for 2016 until 2020

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About Independent Living Fund Scotland

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Independent Living Fund (ILF) support independent living for disabled people who live in Scotland and Northern Ireland. ILF Scotland want disabled people to have control and choice about decisions in their lives.

Independent living does not mean living by yourself or looking after yourself with no help. It means that a person has the right to the help and support they need to live and take part in ordinary everyday life.

ILF Scotland support disabled people to live independently. We do this by awarding disabled people money to help them have a choice and control over decisions in their lives.


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ILF want disabled people in Scotland and Northern Ireland to live independently. ILF Scotland have set their own goals to make this happen.

This is a list of our goals.

  • ILF Scotland will be Accessible to everyone who contacts them.
  • ILF Scotland will be Credible.

    This means that ILF Scotland will give disabled people a service that they can trust and depend on.

    The service will provide honest and friendly help and support.
  • ILF Scotland will provide a High Quality service.

    That means ILF Scotland will do everything they can to help people.
  • ILF Scotland will be Knowledgeable about what disabled people want and need to help them live independently.

    Knowledgeable means ILF will learn everything they need to know about doing their job properly.


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A mission is the goals that ILF Scotland have set ourselves.

Our mission is to support disabled people to live independently by making assessments that are person centred paying you appropriate awards of money. We will do this by

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  • Listening to disabled people.
  • Doing assessments in a respectful and professional way.
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  • You will be told what is expected of you once an assessment has been done.

    This is so you can set your own goals and you know what the money has to be spent on.
  • The answer we send you will be about you and your own circumstances.
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  • The correct amount of money will be paid on time.
  • We will make regular checks with you to help you meet your own personal goals.
  • Our decisions will always be based on inclusion and trust and dignity.
  • ILF Scotland will always deal with people in fair manner.


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ILF Scotland have set ourselves a list of rules to make sure we support disabled people as best as we can.

We call these rules our principles.

ILF Scotland will follow our principles at all times when we are making decisions that concern you.

Supporting disabled people to live independently is at the centre of our beliefs.

  • The needs of disabled people will be at the centre of our decision making processes.
  • We will treat everyone with dignity and trust and respect.
  • Our assessment process will be simple and sensitive.
  • The Fund will be in addition to any award made by the local council.
  • ILF Scotland awards should not normally be more than the contribution made by a local Council.
  • ILF Scotland will always look for proof from you that you have spent the money as you said you would.
  • ILF Scotland will make sure that any award is made makes financial sense to our organisation.


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The main points of our plan fit in with guidelines set by the Governments of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

ILF Scotland have made the most of the current fund. This is so we can get the best value from the fund.

  • We have looked at our procedures to make sure it meets the needs of Scottish and Northern Irish disabled people and our sponsors.
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  • We have made sure our work practices are as best as they can be.
  • We will ask people who are awarded money to fill in a survey. The survey will ask questions on the difference the money has made to your life.
  • ILF Scotland will make sure you are not asked the same questions or told the same information more than once.
  • Staff at ILF Scotland will work together to make our service the best it can be.
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A new ILF scheme is successfully introduced and established in Scotland
• The Scottish Government spoke to disabled people from across Scotland before they set up the new ILF scheme.

• The Scottish Government listened to the views of disabled people when they set up the new ILF scheme.

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• ILF Scotland will deliver the scheme so it will be flexible for the future.

• ILF Scotland will make sure everyone across Scotland knows about the ILF scheme and how to apply for it.

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  • People who have received money in the past have been active in their own communities and have achieved their independent living goals.
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  • ILF will share their knowledge with other organisations. This means ILF Scotland could pick up information and policy from other organisations to see if it will help them make ILF Scotland work better.
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ILF Scotland share what they know about the scheme with other organisations.

This helps us to work as best as we can.

  • The Scottish Government and some other organisations need the ILF scheme to work so they can meet their organisations goals.
  • ILF Scotland have shown the Scottish Government and other organisations how the ILF Scheme can help their organisations meet their own goals.
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  • ILF Scotland have good communication skills. This is used to tell sponsors our news and keep them up to date with our work.
  • ILF Scotland work with other organisations who are effective and useful in the work we do.
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  • ILF Scotland is happy to give advice and information to other organisations. Our help is respected by other organisations.
  • ILF Scotland use the best computer packages to deliver the best service we can.


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This is the first Plan ILF Scotland has made. We will work towards these goals from 2016 until 2020.

We want to do the best we can for disabled people and all the other organisations we work with. By working with you and other organisations we will continue to work towards our goals.

Our Partners

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These are the organisations who have helped us write our Plan.

We would like to say thank you to them for their help.

  • Social Work Scotland
  • Inclusion Scotland
  • Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living
  • Self-Directed Support Scotland
  • Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living
  • Strathclyde
  • Disability Research Centre

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