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The main ILF Scotland logo is set in the font Museo Sans Rounded 500/700

EPS CMYK files are best for external printing.

JPEG and PNG files are best for internal use.

ILF Scotland logo - shown in white text on a green background.

We also have a white version of the logo on a transparent background - which can be set on a corporate colour, as shown above. Make sure you use good colour contrast. Use the colour contrast checker.


ILF Primary ColourPrimary357C85 / 10 / 100 / 600 / 83 / 29#00531d
ILF secondary colour on a circleSecondary356C85 / 10 / 100 / 300 / 122 / 55#007a37
ILF Tertiary colour on a circleTertiary355C85 / 10 / 100 / 00 / 161 / 75#00a14b
ILF Tertiary colour in 25 per cent tintTertiary 25 % tint
ILF Complementary colour purpleComplementary
254C50 / 100 / 0 / 0149 / 27 / 129#951b81
ILF Scotland purple tintComplementary
Purple 25% Tint
ILF Scotland yellowComplementary
143C0 / 30 / 85 / 0251 / 188 / 51#fbbb33
ILF Scotland yellow tint on circleComplementary
Yellow 25% Tint


Copy for ILF Scotland external publications is set in a font called Museo Sans Rounded.
Internal documents are set in Arial typeface. Main body text should be set in 14pt.

Picture of ILF Scotland font samples.

Northern Ireland badge

We also display an additional "badge" to acknowledge our work in Northern Ireland.

Contact us

If you have problems opening or downloading any files, please get in touch with the ILF Scotland communications' team. The main email is:

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