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Personal Assistants can become members of the social supermarket - Company Shop

Post Date: 1 February 2024

ILF Scotland would like to advise our recipients that your Personal Assistants (PAs) are eligible to become members of social supermarket ‘Company Shop’.

Company Shop is the UK’s first social supermarket and has been operating for 10 years. They work with manufacturers and stockists to secure surplus stock, enabling customers to save around 50% on their weekly shopping while reducing food waste.

Company Shop has two branches in Scotland:

  • one at Unit 12, Renfrew Trading Estate, Argyll Avenue, Renfrew, PA4 9EN.
    Telephone: 0141 886 7936
  • one at Dumbryden Road, Edinburgh, EH14 2AB.
    Telephone: 0131 374 1699

How to apply for membership

Ask your PA to log on to

Click on ‘Become a Member’.

In the ‘Choose your sector’ page, select ‘NHS, Care Services & Private Hospitals’.

In the application form where it asks for ‘Company Name’, enter ‘PA Carer’. (Please do not enter ILF Scotland.)

We have created a letter for you to print.

Both you and your PA should sign this. Your PA should take this signed letter and a form of photo ID when they go to the shop to collect their membership card.

You can find out more about membership by calling 01226 747121 or email

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