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Policy 12 - Day Centres and Services

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Published: July 28, 2022

Version: 3.0
Last Amended:  28 July 2022
Next Review Date: 31 March 2024       

1.0 Background

ILF Scotland recipients often attend day centres/services, generally operated by the Health & Social Care Partnership (HSCP)/ Health and Social Care Trust (HSCT), or by private or third sector providers.  The HSCP/HSCT often includes day service provision within their Threshold Sum. ILF Scotland can also provide funding towards these services.

In recent years many traditional day centres have been re-provisioned into non-building based day services. ILF Scotland can support day service provision, regardless of the model, as long as it meets the preferred outcomes of recipients and has a focus on independent living.

At all times, the priority of ILF Scotland is to sustain and enhance the independent living of our fund recipients.  This policy should be read and understood in this context.

2.0 Policy

2.1 HSCP/HSCT Funded Day Centres and Services

HSCP/HSCT funded day centres and services that meet a recipient’s outcomes can form part of the contribution towards the Threshold Sum. Occasionally, they are paid for with an ILF Scotland award. Transport to and from the day service can form part of the HSCP/HSCT Threshold Sum, and sometimes may be funded by ILF Scotland (Please see Policy 41 Use of ILF Scotland Funding for further details).

2.2 One-to-one Support 

ILF Scotland may consider including the cost of one to one support while the recipient attends a HSCP/HSCT funded day service provided:

  • there is a clear need for that support
  • the support is beyond the support the HSCP/HSCT day service normally provides
  • the one to one support is not provided by a HSCP/HSCT employee (where the request is for ILF Scotland to fund an HSCP/Trust employee, ILF Scotland’s senior management team will consider the case - see Policy 41: Use of ILF Scotland Funding for further details).
  • the recipient agrees that the specified day service is the best option for meeting their outcomes.
  • the recipient agrees that one to one support is the best option for them.

ILF Scotland cannot fund one to one support to cover that previously provided, directly or indirectly, by the HSCP/HSCT.

2.3    Private/Third Sector Day Centres and Services

ILF Scotland can consider funding the cost of a private/third sector day service (whether or not this is a building based day service) where the recipient chooses this and agrees it is the best option for meeting their outcomes.

ILF Scotland can consider paying additional hours where a recipient needs support at, or travelling to and from, the day service.

2.4    Capacity

In all of the above, where the recipient lacks capacity, their guardian / award manager can make these choices on behalf of and in the best interest of a recipient. 

3.0 Cross References

Policy 24 – Statutory Input

Policy 41 – Use of ILF Scotland Funding

4.0 History Review Date

Version 1:  1 July 2015
Version 2:  18 March 2021
Version 3:   28 July 2022
Date Last Reviewed: 31 March 2023

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