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Policy 24 - Statutory Input to ILF Scotland Funding

Type of document: Policies

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Published: June 9, 2022

Version:    3
Last Amended:     15 March 2021
Next Review:        31 March 2022

1.0        Background

This policy is relevant for Group 2 ILF Scotland recipients. for all Group 2 recipients and is not intended for protected Group 1 recipients.

2.0        Policy


Threshold Sum

To remain eligible to receive ILF Scotland funding, a Health and Social Care Partnership in Scotland (HSCP) or a Social Care Trust (Trust) in Northern Ireland must be providing services or funding to a value at least equal to a ‘Threshold Sum’

2.0        Threshold Sums

There are three different Threshold Sums:

  1. £200 - applications made to ILF UK prior to 1st April 2008
  2. £320 - applications or increased requests made to ILF UK between 1st April 2008 and 30th April 2010
  3. £340 - applications or increased requests that received by ILF UK or ILF Scotland on or after May 2010

These Sums will apply on an ongoing basis and will not reduce.

2.0        Threshold Calculation

The HSPC / Trust must meet a minimum of the Threshold Sum per week averaged over the year.

The average weekly cost of the HSCP / Trust package, less any weekly charges applied by the HSCP / Trust, will determine whether the relevant Threshold Sum is being met.

If the HSCP / Trust increases charges, the Threshold Sum reduces by the corresponding amount. The Threshold Sum must still be maintained to continue to meet the Eligibility Criteria for an ILF Award.

HSCPs/Trusts can award funding above the relevant Threshold Sum and such funding is not restricted to the purposes set out in Policy 41 – Use of ILF Scotland Funding.

To form part of the Threshold Sum the HSCP/Trust must provide services directly to the recipient. In some circumstances, these services may also provide some degree of respite to a recipient’s unpaid carer.

ILF Scotland does not normally provide funding that has previously been the responsibility of the HSCP/Trust.

2.0        Procedure

2.1        Increases in care need or cost

Increases to awards are available only in line with Policy 18 – Increases in Awards and Policy 36 – Short Term Care.

2.2        Decreases in care need or cost

To remain eligible for ILF Scotland funding, recipients must spend their HSCP/Trust funding to at least the amount of the relevant Threshold Sum as outlined in Policy 41 – Use of ILF Scotland Funding.

Where a HSCP/Trust reduces its input to a support package, ILF Scotland will not usually replace this and will not consider any increase in award until the HSCP/Trust restores its input to previous levels.

If a HSCP/Trust reduces its funding below the threshold sum, the recipient will no longer be eligible for ILF Scotland funding.

In circumstances where a recipient’s care / support arrangements alter significantly, ILF Scotland will consider the changes to the HSCP/Trust and ILF Scotland provisions on an individual basis. Any increase to the current offer is subject to the terms outlined in Policy 18 – Increases in Awards.

2.3        Moving between HSCP/Trust’s

Where a recipient moves from one HSCP / Trust to another, the recipient will remain eligible providing the new HSPC/Trust maintains the existing Threshold Sum. If the new HSCP/Trust reassess the support and reduces the value of its input, the funding must remain at least equal to the Threshold Sum. In this circumstance, and providing the reduction takes place at the first care needs assessment following the move, ILF Scotland can consider increases in support needs without requiring the HSCP/Trust to reinstate the previous level of support.

4.2        Funding from two Statutory Bodies

Very occasionally funding is provided by two HSCPs / Trusts. The funding from both may be aggregated to meet the Threshold Sum. Such cases are very unusual and may need to be referred to ILF Scotland’s senior management team.

2.4        Child to adult budget

Where a recipient moves from children’s services to adult services, ILF Scotland will not expect the HSCP/Trust to maintain its input at the previous level, providing the new department makes the change at the first care needs assessment following the move. The HSCP/Trust is required to meet the threshold sum.

2.5        Compulsory Treatment Order (CTO)

On the rare occasion that a fund recipient is subject to a CTO under the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003, the Threshold Sum must be maintained for the ILF award to remain in payment. However, costs associated with implementation of the CTO care plan can be treated by ILF Scotland, at its sole discretion, for Threshold Sum purposes. An ILF Scotland

award can remain in payment in these circumstances if ILF Scotland is satisfied that this will be to the benefit of the recipient and is supported by the recipient’s MHO.

Changes in financial circumstances

If a recipient experiences a reduction in their income, ILF Scotland can review any Available Income contribution and increase to the ILF Scotland award without additional HSCP/Trust input.

Group 1 Policy

There is no formal requirement for the HSCP/Trust to fund support for Group 1 recipients but where the HSCP/Trust does provide funds and reduces its provision, ILF Scotland will accept this. ILF Scotland expects the HSCP/Trust to resume at the original level before it would consider any increase in line with Policy 18 – Increases in Awards, unless the HSCP/Trust gives a suitable explanation for the reduction.

Cross References

Policy 18 – Increases in Awards Policy 36 – Short Term Care

Policy 41 – Use of ILF Scotland Funding

5.0        History

Created: 1 July 2015
Reviewed 7 October 2015
Reviewed: 30 March 2019

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