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Policy 17 - Financial Management Support and Payroll Services

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Published: April 5, 2023

Version: 3
Last Amended: 31 March 2023
Next Review Date: 31 March 2024

1. Background

Some ILF Scotland recipients are unable to hold a bank account or do not wish to manage their ILF funding and so might choose to have a family member or representative assist them with this.

Others may prefer to have a professional organisation manage their ILF Scotland Funding. You can see a list of some organisations that offer this support here.

ILF Scotland recipients who employ their Personal Assistants might wish to access Payroll Services. You can see a list of some organisations that offer this support here.

2.0  Policy

2.1 Financial Management Services

ILF Scotland can pay towards the cost of financial management services.

The service will include operating a bank account on the recipient’s behalf / receiving ILF Scotland money into a general/shared account and managing it on the recipient’s behalf, along with paying any care/support invoices.

ILF Scotland can agree to recipients using a private individual to administer their payroll provided it is satisfied about the level of support and that this is in the best interest of the recipient. ILF Scotland will not pay for a relative who lives in the same household to provide financial management support.

2.2  Payroll Services

ILF Scotland can pay towards the cost of payroll services where a recipient directly employs their Personal Assistant(s). The services will involve administering payroll on behalf of the recipient as employer including complying with the Scottish Living Wage / National Minimum Wage, National Insurance Contributions, Pay As You Earn tax, Workplace Pensions, Holiday Pay, Statutory Sick Pay, etc.

Please see our Employer Support Information Note for more details.

3.0  Payment of fees for Financial Management / Payroll Services

The maximum amounts that ILF Scotland will normally pay are:

  • Financial Management: £6.25 per week.
  • Payroll Services: £12 per week.

ILF Scotland’s management team will consider any requests for fees above these amounts.

ILF Scotland will normally only agree to additional payments to cover these services if they do not take the recipient’s award above the relevant ‘maximum sum’. Please see Policy 20 for more information about the ‘maximum sum’.

In exceptional circumstances, ILF Scotland can consider making a discretionary decision to allow a payment to exceed the maximum sum if there is no other available option.

ILF Scotland prefers to pay its funding directly into the bank account of the ILF Scotland recipient or Award Manager. However, where we agree to pay for financial management services, we can include an amount in the award to pay for any fee the organisation charges for this service.

4.0 Assessing the Need for Financial Management / Payroll Services

As part of an ILF Scotland scheduled review visit, assessors will confirm whether a recipient requires a financial management service / payroll service or continues to require either or both of these services.

Recipients can contact ILF Scotland between review visits to request a financial management or payroll service by contacting one of our specialist caseworkers on 0300 200 2022 or by emailing us at One of our Assessors will then be in touch to discuss requirements.

5.0 Review History

Version 1: 1 July 2015

Version 2: 31 March 2021

Date Last Reviewed: 31 March 2023

6.0 Cross Reference

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