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Policy 38 - Suspension and Reinstatement of an ILF Scotland Award

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Published: March 12, 2024

Version: 3.0
Last Amended: 12 March 2024
Next Review Date: 31 March 2025

1.0 Suspension Policy

ILF Scotland will on occasion be required to suspend a Recipient Award, normally in any of the following circumstances:

  • The Recipient is admitted to hospital or to a nursing or residential care setting for a period of more than 28 days. See 1.1, below.
  • The Recipient loses their entitlement to ‘qualifying benefits’. See 1.2, below.
  • The Health & Social Care Partnership / Trust no longer meets the ‘Threshold Sum’. See 1.3, below.
  • The recipient is no longer resident and present in Scotland / Northern Ireland.
  • The Recipient has capital or assets that exceeds the capital threshold for ILF Scotland funding.
  • Temporary breakdown of care / support package.
  • Other circumstances where no ILF payment is requested, for example, the Recipient takes a respite break and ILF is not required, non-availability of Personal Assistants due to planned holidays.
  • Failure to comply with award management responsibilities.
  • The Recipient or the Award Manager on their behalf asks ILF Scotland to suspend the award because the funding and support is no longer required.

1.1 Hospital Admission

When a Recipient is in hospital or an alternative residential care setting for more than 28 days, their entitlement to qualifying benefits should stop and consequently, their entitlement to ILF Scotland funding should normally be suspended until the Recipient returns home.

When the Recipient returns to their community and their entitlement to a qualifying benefit resumes, ILF Scotland can reinstate the award.

If the Recipient continues to receive ongoing support from their Personal Assistant or Care Provider while they are in a hospital / care setting, ILF Scotland can continue to pay the award for a period of up to six months. Any decision to extend the payment beyond six months will be at the discretion of ILF Scotland’s Management Team.

For further information about hospital stays, please contact the ILF Scotland Casework team to discuss by telephoning 0300 200 2022 or by emailing

1.2 Qualifying Benefits

A Recipient may lose entitlement to qualifying benefits, which means that entitlement to ILF Scotland funding should be suspended. However, there is an appeals process and ILF Scotland will take account of this when considering whether to suspend an award. Please refer to Policy 14 Qualifying Benefits for more information.

1.3 Threshold Sum

To remain eligible to receive ILF Scotland funding, the relevant HSCP / HSCT must be providing services or funding to the recipient to a value at least equal to a ‘Threshold Sum’. If a HSCP / HSCT reduces its funding below the Threshold Sum, the Recipient will no longer be eligible for ILF Scotland funding and ILF Scotland may then suspend the award. Please see Policy 24 Statutory Input to ILF Scotland Funding for more information.

Where ILF Scotland suspends an award, this can be for a specific period or indefinitely. ILF Scotland will not automatically close an award other than on the death of a Recipient.

ILF Scotland will retain awards in suspension for an initial period of five years and will review these in accordance with its existing two-year review cycle. ILF Scotland’s Management Team will consider any request to extend the period of suspension beyond five years.

2.0 Policy for Reinstating Awards

Entitlement to ILF Scotland funding can remain indefinitely / for the lifetime of the person and ILF Scotland can reinstate its funding at any time, providing the Recipient is eligible according to ILF Scotland’s Policy 14 Qualifying Benefits, Policy 24 Statutory Input to ILF Scotland Funding, Policy 36 - Short-Term Care | ILF Scotland, and Policy 39 - Treatment of Capital | ILF Scotland.

ILF Scotland should, if satisfied that the Recipient is eligible, reinstate the award and, subject to being provided with satisfactory evidence, will have the discretion to backdate the award to an appropriate date. When required, ILF Scotland will arrange for a joint review with Social Work to ensure that the appropriate package of care / support is in place to meet the needs of the Recipient.

3.0 History

Version 1: 1 July 2015
Version 2: 25 April 2021

4.0 Cross Reference

Policy 14 Qualifying Benefits
Policy 24 Statutory Input
Policy 36 Short Term Care
Policy 39 Treatment of Capital

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