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What can the funding be used for?

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You can use the funding in different ways to help you achieve the independent living outcomes that are important to you, in a way that suits your individual needs. For example, ILF Scotland funding can help support and assist recipients to:

  • overcome barriers to independent living that you face
  • have choice, control and independence in your life
  • develop or maintain your physical, mental, spiritual health and wellbeing
  • help to keep you safe and to manage any risks inside and outside your home
  • undertake work, learning, training, hobbies and interest
  • see your family and friends and be involved in your community

You should discuss and agree how you wish to use ILF Scotland funding with our Assessor during your initial visit. People can choose to buy support from a provider agency or employ a Personal Assistant (PA).

Limits on using the funding

Please note that ILF Scotland will not normally fund support / services that are the responsibility of another provider / source such as:

  • Independent Living Aids
  • adaptations to a home or home boundaries
  • communication aids
  • everyday expenditure such as food or clothing
  • medical or nursing care
  • care and support currently or previously funded by a Local Authority / Health and Social Care Partnership


View key documents on our publications page.
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