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Fraser's story

Fraser received funding at the age of 16, after being diagnosed with encephalitis, a rare condition whereby the brain becomes inflamed.

Fraser requires 24-hour care, is tube-fed and non-verbal.

The ILF allows Fraser to receive full-time care in the form of a team of five personal assistants, which in turn enables him to live a full and independent life.

Alison, Fraser’s mum, believes the funding from ILF is essential to maintaining her son’s quality of life.

She said: “Because of his condition, Fraser requires 24-hour assistance and often 2-1 support. Were it not for the funding, Fraser would need to be placed in a care home, where he wouldn’t receive the same level of individualised support.”

In addition to providing Fraser with vital care, the 2015 Fund has also enabled Fraser to become more engaged with his local community.

“The funding has allowed Fraser to have a say over his life – just like any other 31-year-old should. Fraser has always been an avid football fan and goes to watch matches with his personal assistants. Fraser also likes to go swimming, and listen to live music, which helps to stimulate his brain – without the ILF he just wouldn’t be able to do this,” said Alison.

The ILF has also had an impact on Fraser’s family.

“We love seeing Fraser out and about enjoying an independent life where he can travel, see friends, go on holiday and simply have a choice over his life.”

“As a family, the funding means that neither I nor Fraser’s dad have had to sacrifice our careers to become full-time carers. It’s also allowed us to care for and spend time with our two daughters, without having the stress of also looking after Fraser’s needs. Knowing that Fraser has the care he needs has allowed us to relax and enjoy time together as a family.”

Following the closure of the UK ILF on 30th June 2015, the Scottish Government established a new organisation, Independent Living Fund (ILF) Scotland, to administer ILF for existing recipients of the fund in Scotland.

This funding enables these individuals to pay for care so that they can be supported in their homes and within their local communities.

Published in July 2022.

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