Our recipient Andrew is proud to be championing the International Day of People with Disabilities!

Andrew applied to our Transition Fund for money to progress with his business, Dundee Culture. Along with Andrew’s physical disabilities, he has autism, anxiety disorder, epilepsy, dyslexia, dyscalculia and clonus, which isn’t visible.

Andy says, “Raising awareness of hidden disabilities is important, especially right now during the COVID-19 pandemic, because there are people out there who have been questioned wrongfully for not wearing face masks, despite the fact they can’t because they have hidden disabilities.

“As someone with autism and anxiety disorder, I wear a lanyard to let people know I can’t wear a face mask, because of the stress and worry it causes me.

“If you have a hidden disability, let people know. You can wear a lanyard, which shows people that you have hidden disabilities and it helps the situation better as it lets everyone know that not every disability is visible.

“I feel that sometimes hidden disabilities can be underestimated by those who may not understand. There are people that have questioned me, because I don’t look like someone who has these type of disabilities when I actually do.

“My advice to people with disabilities that are not always apparent would be to let people know. You can wear a lanyard that shows you have hidden disabilities. This has helped me, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when face masks are mandatory.

“People with hidden disabilities have been warned by people in shops and other public places because they haven’t worn face masks when in fact their disability is hidden, especially people like me.

“My advice to friends or family who have someone in their life with disabilities not always apparent would be to speak to them, tell them that there are ways to let people know you have disabilities which aren’t visible. It is ok and talking to people is the best way to solve a problem.”