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Calum's story

Calum has been working off the pounds and improving his strength, thanks to the ILF Scotland Transition Fund.

Our support helped him join his local gym and pay for one-to-one sessions with a personal trainer.

Calum (21), who has Down’s Syndrome, put on weight during COVID-19 lockdowns – and was keen to get into shape.

His mum, Mhairi, said: “He wanted to join a gym but it was difficult to get somewhere which would offer the support he needed.

“However, his current personal trainer has been great with him. Over the past year he has worked so hard - and improved his fitness and balance.

“We’re now planning to extend his membership when the ILF Scotland funding comes to an end this summer. Thanks so much for providing this support.”

Calum, who also enjoys swimming - attends the Tiphereth base in Edinburgh, run by the charity Camphill Scotland.

The Transition Fund is open to young disabled people aged 16-25.

It provides funding of up to £4,000 for one year to help applicants try new activities and experiences – allowing them to become more engaged and active in their community.

Mhairi said: “We heard about the Transition Fund through a friend. It’s been a good support to Calum and allowed him to create habits that will – hopefully – be lifelong."

Published in June 2022.

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