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Emma’s story

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Emma’s story

Emma is 18 years old and loves to use her family iPad to stay connected with the outside world. She enjoys writing and drawing on the iPad and loves the art feature, which allows her to trace pictures.Emma currently attends a college course which helps her to develop skills in drama, gardening, independent living, literacy, numeracy and much, much more.

Having a range of disabilities, including speech impairment, learning difficulty and Downs Syndrome, means that Emma’s life revolves around routines, which help her cope with the understanding of daily tasks. Her communication skills are limited, which makes it difficult for Emma to interact with others, meaning her only social circle is based on close family members.

Also as Emma has a limited sense of danger awareness, she has to be supervised constantly which restricts her ability to take part in activities. Emma doesn’t understand why she is ‘different’ and this often leads to frustration.

Emma applied to the ILF Scotland Transition Fund for an iPad Pro, pen and keypad. Having unrestricted access to this technology will allow Emma to facilitate her learning and understanding of her surroundings. Emma enjoys drawing and the art capabilities of the iPad pro pen helps her to do this and using the SIRI system to interact helps her to find out all sorts of information.

Technology is incredibly powerful for allowing people with limited social abilities to gain an enhanced affiliation to others in their community. Emma loves to feel connected with the outside world and  to learn using the iPad.

When Emma was asked what her iPad means to her she said:

“I love it!”

Emma’s dad added:

“From our view point the fund has been a gateway for Emma into a world of information that she was previously excluded from. It has been a game changer in giving her parity with her peers.”

The ILF Scotland Transition Fund will continue to help Emma to learn through her new equipment and to use the newest apps, which help her feel connected to her community and will develop her understanding of her surroundings.

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