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Andrew Batchelor's story

Andrew runs social media brand, Dundee Culture, from his studio in Dundee. Andrew, who has autism and hemiplegia, applied to the Transition Fund for a grant to create an office space in his garden, from which he could run Dundee Culture and welcome guests to participate in interviews and podcasts.

The office has central heating and WiFi access, things that Andrew needs to ensure he has a professional working space.

“The office is nice and warm and is equipped with everything I need to have a more professional space to run my business.”

Previously, Andrew ran Dundee Culture from his home living room, but the space wasn’t suitable for hosting visitors. Now, Andrew tells us he is able to be more sociable and welcome people into his own office space, alongside developing his social media brand.

“Without ILF Scotland funding, I don’t think it would be possible for me to have a space like this – I would probably still be stuck in my bedroom! It’s really good to have somewhere for people to come and visit me – I’m meeting a lot more people now and it’s definitely improved my confidence.”

Andrew is keen to promote Dundee to the rest of the world. He also wants to help disabled people access the city:

“I’m currently working on a project called Access Dundee – it’s a disability accessibility guide to Dundee. I started it because one of my followers wanted to know more about that, so it inspired me to make more content for disabled people.”

Want to #TrySomethingNew like Andrew? You too could benefit from the Transition Fund!  Learn more about how to apply here.

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