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Ryan's story

Ryan from Glasgow has been involved in the Transition Fund since its inception in 2017, providing his input on the structure of the fund from the point of view of a young person with a disability.   

Living with autism, Ryan struggled to access mainstream sports clubs. He was successful in accessing disability sports through two local clubs. Here, he learnt to sprint, competing at competitions at both regional and national level, as well as attending the Special Olympics in 2013 and 2017. However, he needed help to pursue his dream and therefore applied to the fund himself in order to take up Wing Tsjun (Kung Fu) and join the community involved in this.  

“Receiving support from the Transition Fund meant a chance to follow my vision and ambition to learn new skills and continue to build my self-confidence, something I have struggled with all my life. I am now part of a very special community, Wing Tsjun Glasgow and am learning to be more independent. These are things in the past I dreamed of, but the fund has helped the dream become reality.” 

Ryan has also put his funding towards driving lessons, which will enhance his independence and reduce his reliance on others. Ryan is currently studying NC Media at City of Glasgow College and has been putting this to good use already in helping to spread the word of the Transition Fund.  

“Thanks to the opportunities the Transition Fund has provided me with I have gone from feeling as though I did not matter to realising I have a role to play in society. I can achieve things, and this has taken my life in a new direction. It has and continues to have such a positive impact on my life. It has challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone as I have grown in confidence. I feel privileged to be an ambassador for the Transition Fund and I would say to any young person who may be eligible, follow your vision and go for it. You can achieve your dreams with the help of the Transition Fund.”

 Enjoyed reading Ryan’s story? You too could benefit from the Transition Fund and #TrySomethingNew. It’s simple to apply – find out how to apply here.

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