As an ILF Scotland recipient, living in Northern Ireland, you will either manage your own award or you will have appointed someone to be your award manager. All award managers and recipients who manage their own awards have a number of agreed responsibilities as a condition of receiving the award.

Your Responsibilities Guide

It is important to understand what your responsibilities are when managing an ILF Scotland award. The ‘Your Responsibilities’ guide provides information on:

  • the responsibilities of the Award Manager,
  • managing ILF funding and what this can pay for,
  • employing Personal Assistants or appointing care providers,
  • the changes you need to tell us about,
  • what records you must keep, and
  • ILF Scotland review visits

You can view the guide in full here.

It is important that you only spend the funds on the outcomes that have been agreed with us.

If you are concerned or believe that any ILF Scotland funding is being fraudulently used then you can contact us by emailing or you can phone us on 0300 200 2022 and speak to our Operations Manager, Ann Cowan.

Unspent Monies

You may find that sometimes you have money left from your award that you have not spent. We understand that you may be putting this money aside to pay for things, such as employer costs if you employ a Personal Assistant, or funds you have not spent because you did not use support for a short period of time due to being in hospital.

If this is the case, you can keep up to one week of your normal ILF Scotland award (after setting aside money owed on unpaid wages or invoices) as a contingency fund to pay for any extra support you might need, but you need to return the rest of the money to us.
If you need to return any unspent monies, please find the form and information you need here.