As an ILF Scotland recipient, living in Northern Ireland, you will either manage your own award or you will have appointed someone to be your award manager. All award managers and recipients who manage their own awards have a number of agreed responsibilities as a condition of receiving the award.


How the award can be used

You can use your funding to pay for personal care and domestic assistance that allows you to exercise choice and control in your life and to live independently. Your award should make a difference to your life in certain areas, such as maintaining relationships with friends, family and your community and undertaking learning, training, hobbies and interests.


Record Keeping

You will need to keep a record of statements and invoices that confirm how you have spent your award and that you have used the funding to help meet your support needs and outcomes. The types of documents that you will need to keep a record of include:


  • bank statements for your ILF Scotland account,
  • agency invoices or personal assistant salary details (depending which support you use),
  • records of timesheets and agency or personal assistant hours.


If your ILF Scotland money is held in a payroll organisation, we need to see a statement of the account that shows the last six months of activity.


Changes in Your Life

It is important that you notify ILF Scotland about any changes in your circumstances as it may affect your award, such as going into hospital or residential care (even if it is for a short period of time).


Unspent Monies

You may find that sometimes you have money left from your award that you have not spent. We understand that you may be putting this money aside to pay for things, such as employer costs, if you have your own personal assistant, or if you have not employed care for a short period of time due to being in hospital.


If this is the case you can keep up to one week of your normal ILF Scotland award as a contingency fund to pay for any extra care you may need, but you need to return the rest of the money to us.