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Help with managing a Transition Fund grant

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The ILF Scotland Transition Fund provides funding to support young people aged 16 to 25 living with disabilities to be more independent and to participate in their communities.

For some young people who apply to the Transition Fund, the thought of managing the funds, keeping receipts and accounting for how they have used the money can be daunting.

Applicants to come from a wide range of backgrounds and circumstances and it can sometimes help to have someone else to manage the grant.


ICMS is the financial management company that ILF Scotland works with to help Transition Fund recipients.  ICMS provide a range of services to each grant recipient:

  • Purchase and direct delivery of items such as laptops/cameras/printers etc. direct to the young person’s address.
  • Help to find alternatives if the chosen item is no longer available.
  • Payment of invoices (such as Driving Lessons).
  • Management of receipts.
  • Return of any unspent funds.
  • Help advice and support.

When will ILF Scotland ask ICMS to manage funds?

Any applicant can request that ICMS manage their Transition Fund money on their behalf. The reasons that young people ask for this service include:

  • They want to be sure that they spend the funds correctly.
  • They want the funds to be safely stored.
  • They don’t want the responsibility of keeping receipts safe.
  • They want someone else to deal with the ordering and payments to suppliers.

In addition, our staff team can make the decision that ICMS should manage an award depending on the circumstances.

When ILF Scotland staff make this decision, we base it on our experience of risk management for young people. It has no reflection on the applicant and helps make sure that young people can gain the maximum benefit of their Transition Fund grant.

Further Information

If you have any questions, please call our Specialist Caseworkers on 0300 200 2022 or email on


View key documents on our publications page.
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