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What is the Technology Grant?

The Transition Fund Technology Grant is a new initiative designed to help combat digital isolation for young people.

Applicants can pick one of two pieces of technology to help them get online:

  • a 10.2-inch Apple iPad tablet computer or
  • a Microsoft Surface Go 3 tablet, with keyboard and stylus

To make this grant possible, we work with a company called XMA. Once we approve your application, XMA will deliver your selected piece of equipment to you. So that they can do this, we will share a small amount of information with them - your name, address, email address and telephone number (if you supply us with one). We have an agreement with XMA that they will hold on to your data for a length of time to allow you to benefit from the equipment warranty and return equipment if it is faulty.

Why is ILF Scotland launching this Grant?

So much in today’s world relies on people being able to connect to the internet and we realise that not all young disabled people are able to access technology or the internet without support, so the grant aims to help eligible young people get digitally connected.

Who can apply?

If you are aged 16-25, have a disability or impairment and live in Scotland, you can apply for the Technology Grant.

What if I want other IT equipment or something else?

If you need other IT equipment, or you want to apply for IT equipment as well as other things, you should apply through our main Transition Fund rather than using the Technology Grant.

I have already applied to the Transition Fund - can I also apply for a Technology Grant?

If we haven’t processed a payment yet, and you haven’t already applied for IT as part of the application you submitted, please let us know if you would like us to add a piece of equipment to your application by emailing us at or calling us on 0300 200 2022.

I already have a grant from the Transition Fund – can I still apply for the Technology Grant?

Yes, you can still apply, providing we have not already given you funding for the same / a similar item – the Technology Grant is aimed primarily at applicants who have not applied to ILF Scotland for IT equipment.

What do I need to apply?

You will need to have the following things ready when you apply:

  • photographic identification like a Young Scot Card, Driving Licence or UK Passport
  • proof of address like a bank statement, letter from school or college, or a mobile phone contract
  • proof of disability – this should be either a recent benefits letter or a letter from a professional person who can confirm your disability – you should ask this person to complete our support letter template
  • your National Insurance Number

How do I apply?

The Technology Grant is quick and easy to apply for. Once you have the information above, you simply click this link and start the online application process. If you are having problems, please call us on 0300 200 2022 and we will try to help.

How long until I receive my technology?

If you are successful, you should receive your selected piece of technology in a few weeks. (Applications to our main Transition Fund normally take around 12 weeks).

The Transition Fund Technology Grant can supply a Microsoft Surface Go tablet and keyboard, like the one pictured above. Alternatively, the Grant can supply an Apple iPad. Surface Go 3 picture courtesy of Microsoft.


View key documents on our publications page.
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