If your application to the Transition Fund is successful, your grant period will run for up to one year. This means that your grant period will end one year after you receive your funding.

We will send you a letter just before this time is due to end and ask you to send copies of receipts for the items we funded you for. We will also send you an unspent monies form to send back any money you haven’t used.

If you don’t keep receipts or don’t have any proof of the way you have spent the funding we may ask to meet with you – it is likely that you will have to pay the funding back.

If you still meet the eligibility criteria for the Transition Fund, and we are satisfied with the way that you have spent your grant, you will be able to re-apply for something new once your initial grant period has ended. We will not normally fund the same activity again. This is about helping you to #trysomethingnew.

Due to the high number of applications we receive, we will normally give priority to those applicants applying for the first time.