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The ILF Scotland 2015 Fund is designed to support individuals who have complex disabilities to live independently in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

The 2015 Fund is currently closed to new applicants. Watch the website for any changes to this status.

If you currently receive support from the 2015 Fund, click the links in this section for updates and useful information.

Also explore:

  • updates on services in our news section
  • our blog, which features useful articles and advice.


Following the closure of the UK Independent Living Fund (ILF) on 30 June 2015, the Scottish Government established a new organisation, Independent Living Fund (ILF) Scotland, to administer ILF for existing recipients of the fund in Scotland. ILF Scotland is a public body, governed by a Board of Directors, appointed by and accountable to Scottish Ministers.

Recipients in Scotland can help shape our services by joining our Scotland Advisory Group.

Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland Government took the decision that residents from Northern Ireland who used to receive funding from the ILF UK would continue to receive funds through ILF Scotland when it was established in 2015. ILF Scotland has therefore continued to provide funding for over 400 people in Northern Ireland since 1 July 2015 and people’s funds are administered by the same staff who administer funds for people in Scotland.

Recipients in Northern Ireland can help shape our services by joining our Northern Ireland Stakeholder Group.


Guiding our work on the 2015 Fund are our policies. You'll find links to our key policies below or visit our policies and equality impact assessments page.

If you have any queries, please contact us.

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