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Due to the unprecedented high level of demand for the Transition Fund, we are currently taking longer than our stated timescale to process applications. Our current processing timescale is 15 weeks. Please do not contact us during this time and be reassured that we will be in touch and get back to you about your application as soon as we can.

We may also prioritise first time applications due to the current high level of demand for the Transition Fund.

Are you a young disabled person aged 16-25, and living in Scotland? You could be eligible for up to £4,000 in funding, for 1 year, from the Transition Fund!

We can support you to try new activities and experiences that will help you:

  • become more engaged and active in your community
  • enhance your independence and confidence
  • help you to spend more time with other people


Find out how to apply online

Unsure about what you could apply for, or if the Transition Fund is really for you? Read these awesome stories from previous recipients of the Transition Fund to give you an idea of who has applied and what they received funding for.

Please remember . . .

The ILF Scotland Transition Fund will always try to process your application as quickly as possible. To help us to do this, please ensure you do the following when submitting your application:

We aim to process applications within 12 weeks when we have all of the necessary information to allow us to do so.

If you require the funds for a specific date then please submit your application at least 12 weeks before the funds are required. This will allow us to process your application and pay the funds, helping you start your chosen activity on time. If you apply any later it is unlikely that the funds will be available when you need them.

If you need more information or help with your application, please give us a call on 0300 200 2022 or email:

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