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Are you aged 16-21, and living with a disability in Scotland? You could be eligible for up to £7,500 in funding, for 1 year, from the Transition Fund! We can support you to try new activities and experiences that will enhance your independence, confidence and help you to spend more time with other people.

Or apply online - FIND OUT HOW!

Want to apply for funding? Here’s how…

1.Download the application form & confirm you’re eligible
2.Choose your goal & complete the form
3.Submit your completed form by email or post – you’ll receive a confirmation
4.The process takes 12 weeks (we may contact you sooner if we need more info)
5.Hear if you’re successful, receive your money…and #TrySomethingNew


Or apply online - FIND OUT HOW!

Unsure about what you could apply for, or if the Transition Fund is really for you? Read these awesome stories from previous recipients of the Transition Fund to give you an idea of who has applied and what they received funding for.
Useful links
- Find out more about who can apply >
- Find out what the money can be used for >
- Download an application form >
If you need more information or help with your application, please give us a call on 0300 200 2022 or email enquiries@ILF.scot.